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Pakistani Bloggers on Waziristan Campaign

October 18th, 2009

Security forces patrol streets in a vicinity of Waziristan,
Sat, Oct. 17, 2009. Pakistan Times

Pakistani Bloggers Oct 18, 2009

Two Conflicting Interpretations Of The Latest Wave

by Ahsan: There are, broadly speaking, two interpretations of the spike in violence in the last ten days. One is optimistic, and one is pessimistic. The optimistic version, predictably forwarded by the government, is that this is a last desperate stand from the Taliban and their allies, in advance of the Army assault in Waziristan. The logic is that this wav... Read more at Five Rupees »

Pakistan's Intelligence Failures Amidst Daily Carnage

by Riaz Haq: The best way to stop the increasing carnage on the streets of Pakistan, at least in the short term, is to stop the terrorist attacks well before they occur. Unfortunately, however, the intelligence agencies which are supposed to frustrate the blood-thirsty attackers appear totally ineffective, even paralyzed. The agencies, including the Inter-Serv... Read more at Haq's Musings »

GHQ Attack; Who is Behind

by Talkhaba: Who has attacked Pakistans Defence Headquarter, GHQ Who is the beneficiary Is it just the work of Punjabi Taliban or they have committed it for someone else as mercenary Has Blackwater done it with assistance from Punjabi Taliban Is it a reaction against opposition by Pakistan Army to Kerry Lugar bill Has the US gave message to army, dont stop... Read more at Pakistan Desk »

News Channels Should Continue Broadcasting Violent Images

by Ahsan: One thing that irks me considerably is self-censorship by media organizations. At the best of times, I find this practice usually motivated by a desire to not offend, respect some sensibilities, or not broom up trouble silly and counterproductive. But it is in the case of gruesome violence where it assumes actual socio-political importance.Cons... Read more at Five Rupees »

How Democracy Should Work

by Farrukh: In a recent article entitled Democracy does deliver, a woman PPP parliamentarian has not really made the point of democracys deliverance. What she lauds as a diplomatic win is, unfortunately, nothing more than the assurance of further foreign aid and not any historic empowerment of this nation. If my memory serves me right aid was given during the... Read more at Farrukh Khan Pitafi »

Pakistan's Powerful Patrons And Partners

by Ahsan: We know Pakistan's strong and powerful ally putative ally has abandoned the state in the past when push came to shove. We know that Pakistan has done and sacrificed a great deal for this ally, sometimes at great cost to its sovereignty and internal stability. So my question is: why hasn't Pakistan's relationship with China changed I started thi... Read more at Five Rupees »


by Omar: I dont know if you have heard about this or not but there has been quite a lot of chatter about the U.S private security agency Blackwater USA. entering Pakistan. Like most things U.S led, there is a shroud of secrecy and controversy surrounding it. For those of you who do not know what Blackwater USA (now XE LLC.) is, it is considered to be the wo... Read more at Buzzz... »

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