People are having their money Seized by the Government, as they are Giving Billions/Trillions Away to Banks

September 23rd, 2009

By Sherrie Wilcox

People are having their money seized right now by the government, while they are throwing Billions and Trillions out the window to their corporate friends and banks.

What branch of the government is doing that?

The IRS of course. The IRS right now - is seizing people's bank accounts and taking every dime they have in the account. But they are letting the bank first take their $100 from the account for giving the money to the IRS. In fact, they are taking every dime not caring what money is outstanding in checks, so the people who have their money taken, then have to pay multiple check bouncing charges on both sides.

The government obviously couldn't care less about people's situations and they are willing to leave them without any money to pay a mortgage or buy food.

In fact Obama asked for 400 million this year, just for the IRS and getting money out of the citizens of the United States. Jeez, it is so obvious they need to help their friends at the banks more than the public.

In fact, I would love for people to name how they have personally benefited from the Trillions that have been printed up, to save us all.

There is not one way I can think of, that we benefited. Sure there was the cash for clunkers, BUT that actually just put people more in debt and if you think about it, helped all those bankers.

Back, to the government being so absolutely un-compassionate and not in the least bailing out any of us regular citizens, but actually taking every dime some people have without a thought or care of what happens to them.

How do I know the IRS branch of the government is doing this?

I got a very rude awakening this last week, in fact it threw me for such a loop, I have had to sit back and not immediately post about it, due to my raw nerves over the event.

The IRS says I owe them money, so what did they do without warning? They seized my bank account last Thursday! I only found out, when I got an email saying my $10 pay pal payment for the new Web bot Alta report was declined.

I immediately called my bank, not understanding how they could decline $10, when I knew there was money in the account. The bank informed me they gave the money to the IRS, but they took $100 beforehand. She also let me know, there were quite a few checks that were not going to be paid and that I was a few hundred underwater with them now!

Now - to say I was shocked is an understatement! I yelled many words after I got off the phone with her, they mostly began with F. I was shocked, upset, bewildered and completely amazed at what the IRS did. So many emotions rushed through me, one that kept coming up was "How F-ing Dare Them!" of outrage.

Without going into the long story of my taxes - I will tell you, the IRS has almost doubled the amount that I owe in 6 months time. I had talked to them before, but it seems they could care less about what is going on with people, they only want to suck as much money as they can out of all of us regular people.

So Now - I have questions for the Government of the United States and the IRS.

Why right now, as the government is printing money to pay their bills and give billions and trillions to banks and their corporate friends, would you seize and take EVERY DIME in people's bank accounts leaving them with a negative balance against checks out?

WHY - do you not inform people before you seize the account or even during - so people would know? WHY let them find out, when they got denied purchases and have to pay hundreds in bounce check fees?

WHY can you NOT have compassion right now for the people in the United States, like you do for all your banker friends and large corporations like GE (who got 340 billion of TARP money - largest corporation in the world)?

WHY - are you still charging outrageous fees, penalties and interest, where tax bills double in 6 months time? People will never be able to pay the whole tax bill, if it keeps doubling all the time?

WHY do you even add a penalty of $2000 for seizing a bank account and taking all of people's money?

WHY - do you say people owe outrageous amounts at times - which exceeds what they even earned during a year?

WHY - are all of the people in the United States having to suffer under the government and why can't the government go ahead and print the money people owe the IRS and bail them out that way, just as they are doing for their friends?

Another question - The IRS is putting liens on houses - is that you the Government's ultimate goal, is to get people's property, houses and land back from them?

I have still been reeling in disbelief the government did what they did in these days and times and how they don't seem to really care about us normal citizens.

Besides me, how many other people are having this done to them right now? That is what gets me sick. All the people who have not been able to afford to pay their taxes, after losing jobs and their situations taking an unexpected turn and the government being callous and none caring, screws them, by taking every dime they have.

What is really funny is the bank, wrote me a letter, letting me know, all money that goes into the account will go to the IRS and no check will be paid. Well, duh - you think I was going to put any more money that I got, in the account anyway?! I ain't Stupid!

As I see it, the government now is compounding the problems in the U.S. by doing this to people and taking all their money! They are facilitating the down fall of people and those people possibly losing their homes, as they are not able to pay their bills or mortgage.

WHY NOW? Why do you have to do this NOW? WHY do the people that are not well connected have to be spit upon by the government as they watch you pour trillions out the window as if it was nothing to you? Yet, you want to suck every dime out of us regular people!

One other thing to the government - There is a rumor on MSM that AIG might be given a break on all those billions you gave them - because they are not going to be able to pay you back. So, I have a question .... will you be going and seizing their bank accounts? No - of course not, I am sure all will be forgiven with them!

For people reading this, I would love to know, if you have been screwed by the IRS recently?
If you have an IRS story and feel you would like to share it with me, you can contact me at

I don't think ANY of us, should have to put up with this right now - Where the Hell is OUR BAILOUT - WE NEED ONE TOO! But besides that - we Want the Moral and Compassionate Government our fore fathers had envisioned!


By Sherrie Wilcox Posted on sherriequestioningall.blogspot.com http://sherriequestioningall.blogspot.com:80/2009/09/people-are-having-their-money-seized-by.html

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