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No Forest No Oxygen

August 30th, 2009
Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi Deforestation, or the removal of forests, is a major problem that has devastating effects all over the world. Europeans began clearing forests more than 500 years ago. The invention of modern machinery made the process even… more »

Independent Investigation Into Pentagon Attack Yields Alarming Information

August 30th, 2009
PRLog Witness flight path vs official flight path Researchers present new eyewitness testimony which they say proves the government's story to be a "monstrous lie" A three year independent investigation into the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon… more »

Crisis as a way to build a global totalitarian state

August 30th, 2009
Olga CHETVERIKOVA As the world financial and economic crisis comes into its own, the Western community leaders are seeking to impress on mankind the idea that this upheaval will end up ‘turning the world into something different’. Even… more »

Held In A Psychiatric Ward and Called “Delusional” For Saying 9/11 Was An Inside Job

August 30th, 2009
By Clare Swinney, Member of Scholars For 9/11 Truth & Justice I was wrongly diagnosed as delusional by the psychiatric staff of Ward 7 at Northland Base Hospital in Whangarei and held against my will for 11 days in mid-2006, because I maintained the… more »

A fable, a film and a fraud: the Israel lobby’s information fraud

August 30th, 2009
Paul J. Balles Paul J. Balles looks at how Israel and its worldwide lobbyists, aided by a complicit Western media and abetted by politicians afraid of being destroyed by the lobbyists, is getting away with blue murder while an indifferent public turns… more »

Israeli Organ Harvesting -The New "Blood Libel"?

August 29th, 2009
Alison Weir Last week Sweden’s largest daily newspaper published an article containing shocking material: testimony and circumstantial evidence indicating that Israelis may have been harvesting internal organs from Palestinian prisoners without… more »

Torturing Morality

August 29th, 2009
William Pfaff Paris, August 25, 2009 – Thus far in the CIA torture controversy, as in the torture debate that has gone on in the United States since 2001, I can think of only one high American government figure, holding current office, taking a… more »


August 29th, 2009
Allen L Roland What lies deepest within us is a state of love and soul consciousness which extends beyond time and space and reveals itself in its universal urge to unite. It gently holds us, as if in two giant hands, and asks only that we surrender and… more »

Teddy, Bobby, Jimi and Death

August 29th, 2009
eileen fleming Every saint has a past and every sinner a future. I was just a kid of 15 in 1969, when Teddy drove into Chappaquiddick, but I remember images of him and how grief stricken he looked. I felt as bad for him as I did for Mary Jo Kopechne and… more »

The truth behind Depleted Uranium (DU) Contamination and its usage

August 29th, 2009
Peter Eyre There has been significant publicity about the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions, its ability to travel very long distances and the consequences to our health. So where does DU come from, why is it used in munitions, what do such weapons… more »

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