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Soft Kill - The Coming American Genocide

August 20th, 2009

By: B.A. Brooks

The CDC and many doctors have been warning for years that it is not an issue of “if”, but “when” a major H5N1 Avian Flu outbreak will decimate humanity. A pandemic that would make the 1918 Spanish Flu look small in comparison. Hundreds of thousands of birds have been culled over the past several years in order to stop just such outbreaks from presenting themselves. Today we find ourselves a few months into a major H1N1 Swine Flu global pandemic which according to WHO and The CDC has killed 700 people worldwide to date.

What I am about to tell you is almost unbelievable so I added the link, but in The USA between 5% and 20% of Americans contract the flu each year, killing up to 35,000 annually. I really had no idea that many people were dying each year from the regular old flu. Shocking. Did you know that the Spanish flu of 1918 killed some 50 million people? I only bring this up because this new flu is being compared to the Spanish flu in great lengths. It may only be a coincidence, but it just so happens that the 1918 Spanish Flu has been tracked down to originating from a military base in central Kansas called Fort Riley, where a soldier came down with a fever infecting over 100 others before the day‘s end.

I believe that after reading this article you will believe as I do. This was by no means a coincidence. It is well documented in main stream news sources that our own government and military machine have been secretly experimenting on our troops and even private citizens, most without any knowledge of what was being done to them. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments are one good example of this and another would be MK Ultra. There have been many reasons given when looking where HIV/AIDS originated and in 1987 The London Times broke the story announcing the ugly truth in their earth shattering report Smallpox vaccine 'triggered Aids virus. That’s right, now you know that through the smallpox vaccine, the deadly aids virus was awakened. Or maybe you have never looked into Factor 8. This is where Bayer Pharmaceuticals released HIV in there medicines.

Recently the swine flu vaccine has been linked to a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), and in Germany the vaccine has been linked to cancer. Vaccines are and have always been very controversial leading right up to today when we are facing a mandatory global mass vaccination set to begin as soon as September/October 2009. Recently WHO recommended mandatory vaccinations for almost 200 countries and I know that many parents are worried and concerned about the safety in such a vaccine being shot into their children. It is well known there are so many different strains of flu viruses, that there are no guarantees the normal vaccines available now for the everyday normal flu will protect you from getting sick. Plus vaccines are put through rigorous testing for sometimes years, but Baxter and others have magically prepared a vaccine in a matter of months for human trials? I do not think so. This is the same Baxter Pharmaceuticals that recently released the avian bird flu virus in medicine to 18 countries.

The statistics linking autism and other diseases to vaccines are horrific and shocking, which tells me it is more about money than protecting our populations. So what will happen to you and your loved ones if you do refuse the flu vaccine? Will you be treated like a criminal? The answer is yes. You will be identified, tracked, treated and quarantined. The government is already sanctioning your local schools as mass vaccination clinics and it looks like the children will be the first to get the shots. So what I ask is which do we fear more? The Flu or The Vaccine? Oxford researchers have already warned not to give your children Tamiflu.

Right now eight cities are involved in swine flu vaccine trials with about 2,800 people participating. In 1976 there was a flu scare just as we are experiencing today, but the vaccine ended up killing more people than the actual flu virus. What is interesting is that Baxter applied for the swine flu vaccination patents in 2008, which was way before any breakouts were confirmed. It has also been confirmed that CDC and FEMA have been purchasing hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins. If you want to see the hundreds of stacks of these coffins, just go to you tube and search FEMA COFFINS. When you look at the big picture, it seems that our government and military have been preparing for this event spanning some time now. Could this be excellent planning by our leadership or could this be an actual plan that is being played out in order to create a total police state using fear and the human condition brought on by spin doctors and the mass media industrial machine?

Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin recently asked publicly why internment camps are being built, while others are asking why The National Guard is advertising for Internment Specialists. Many of you have heard reports about FEMA CAMPS and scoffed in disbelief, and those of you who fall into this category should look at H.R. 645 which calls for no fewer than six internment camps to be built within U.S. military instillations. The 1st brigade already have 20,000 US troops on the ground in America and the pentagon is now asking for another 400,000 troops to be deployed on American soil. We know the military will be assisting with the mass vaccinations and will be easily deployed if civil unrest becomes an issue within our borders. The National Guard are training now for riots and our military/law enforcement have put everything in place to lock down America if martial law is ordered. The Department of Defense is pushing for domestic control while our Governors are opposing The DOD’s Emergency powers.

There has been a huge effort to label ordinary Americans as home grown terrorists by law enforcement/Fusion Centers and government agencies. We have all seen the MIAC report, VFC report, DHS report and the FBI reports which identify patriotic Americans as enemies of the State. The questions keep mounting as we must ask which is the greater evil? The Swine Flu? The Vaccine? Or the new American police state orchestrated by our government, law enforcement and military?

The message being put out by the mass media is that this flu will lye dormant until this fall, when it could kill millions of the global populations. Whether the swine flu is real or another bio entity is released upon us, it is very clear that we are all being acclimated to believe that there is a real danger this fall starting around October 2009. Could this all just be a false flag event which will allow our leadership to conceal the total economic collapse that is destined to happen in our once great country while also ushering in a new world order in which every world leader has spoken of over the last decade?

The real question is do you trust your government and your elected officials? Well, do you? It seems that U.S. leadership in all areas of government, law enforcement and military are pitting the people against the empire which could result in the Second American Revolution. Getting us all to kill each other would complete the agenda set forth by the efforts of many inside the illuminati and new world order. Take the time to research Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius to start your journey, after following the links that I have included in this article. Organizing and preparing is the key to surviving our dark future. Stock up on food, medicine, water, and a water purifying system asap. Pray for the best while preparing for the worst.

  • The military machine has been put in place
  • You have been labeled a right wing extremist
  • Death is knocking at your front door
  • Are you home?
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    By: B.A. Brooks, posted on: U.A.F.F. http://www.uaff.info/soft_kill.htm

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