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Semih Kaplanoglu, Turkish Movie director

February 7th, 2009
Kourosh Ziabari & Ahmadreza Tavassoli [INTERVIEW:] Spirituality, that which clearly elucidaties the adherence of moral codes and observance of human ethics, could be presumably a sublime concept which has almost lost its meaning in the chaotic and… more »

Genetically engineered foods and health risks, A review of recent events in India

February 7th, 2009
Arun Shrivastava CMC This is a summary article of what has transpired in the last fifteen days in Delhi in matters concerning genetically engineered seeds and foods. Dr. SN Pandey, professor and head of the School of Oriental Medicine, The Global Open… more »

World needs credible body to pursue Israeli war criminals

February 7th, 2009
Khalid Amayreh On 27th December, Israel carried out a genocidal blitzkrieg against the estimated 1.5 million Palestinian inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, using state-of-the-art of the American technology of death. This deadly weapons used against the… more »

The Politics Of Bollocks

February 6th, 2009
John Pilger Growing up in an Antipodean society proud of its rich variety of expletives, I never heard the word bollocks. It was only on arrival in England that I understood its majesterial power. All classes used it. Judges grunted it; an editor of the… more »

Daniel Barenboim: Take Your Piano and Go

February 6th, 2009
Angry Arab Daniel Barenboim: "For the last forty years, history has proven that the Israeli–Palestinian conflict cannot be settled by force. Every effort, every possible means and resource of imagination and reflection should now be brought into… more »

On the Southern Poverty Law Center: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Hate-Mongers

February 6th, 2009
John Vennari Saint Augustine once said that in the case of some individuals, an intellect may be capable of forming an objection without being capable of understanding the argument that meets that objection. Is the Southern Poverty Law Center,… more »

Moscow Reacts to US Buildup in Afghanistan

February 6th, 2009
F. William Engdahl Moscow has correctly assessed that the announced Obama troop buildup in Afghanistan has no relevance to the stated aim of combatting the ‘Taliban’, but rather with a new attempt by the Pentagon strategists to encircle both… more »

Basement Zombie Spews More Hate And Politics of Fear...

February 6th, 2009
By Vincent L. Guarisco "Fighting fire with fire only gets you ashes"~~Abigail Van Buren Goodness gracious, please pass me an oxygen mask --quickly -- so I can escape the dreaded plume! Whoa, I need some fresh air to replace the foul stench lingering… more »

The aftermath

February 5th, 2009
Najwa Sheikh Ahmed, Nusierat Camp, Gaza Strip When we are about to relax, take our breaths back and continue our lives as it was before the war started, comes again the sound of the F 16, a long with the Israeli threats of more violent war, more… more »

A New Administration, Tired Old Policies

February 5th, 2009
Stephen Lendman In Part I of his year-end analysis, money manager and market strategist Jeremy Grantham assessed the global economic crisis: "Greed + Incompetence + A Belief in Market Efficiency = Disaster. Greed and reckless overconfidence on the part… more »

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