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Semih Kaplanoglu, Turkish Movie director

February 7th, 2009

Kourosh Ziabari & Ahmadreza Tavassoli

[INTERVIEW:] Spirituality, that which clearly elucidaties the adherence of moral codes and observance of human ethics, could be presumably a sublime concept which has almost lost its meaning in the chaotic and turbulent world of the 21st century.

The superficial, pervasive joys of material love and the shallow entertainments of modern the citizen who does not tolerate the sermons and preaches anymore, scrambling to be extricated from the shackles and impediments of tradition has seemingly destructed the fundamentals of humanity and belief.

Semih Kaplanoglu is a devout Turkish playwright and cinema director whose contributions to the spiritual cinema has long impressed the global audiences and brought him a set of international honors.

This committed Turkish artist must be presented as an exemplary template of promising dexterity in the service of humanity and the fate of transcendent craftsmanship.

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Genetically engineered foods and health risks, A review of recent events in India

February 7th, 2009

Arun Shrivastava CMC

This is a summary article of what has transpired in the last fifteen days in Delhi in matters concerning genetically engineered seeds and foods.

Dr. SN Pandey, professor and head of the School of Oriental Medicine, The Global Open University [TGOU], at a seminar held 5th February said that he would initiate 40-50 research studies on health and environmental aspects of genetically engineered seeds and foods. Jeffrey M Smith, author of 'Seeds of Deception' and 'Genetic Roulette', was the keynote speaker in the TGOU seminar attended by over thirty top health professionals and advisors to the Government of India.

The myth of safe Bt seeds

During his hour-long power point presentation, Jeffrey described how genetic engineering of seeds is an imperfect science with unknown consequences. The method of gene insertion is essentially based on chance that the desired traits would be transferred to natural gene sequences. This is fraught with dangers because inserted genes are not stable and can and do mutate in unintended ways. This is extremely dangerous for human and animal health and the wider environment. He further stressed that neither the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] in the USA nor India's Genetic Engineering Approvals Committee [GEAC] have conducted the required biosafety, toxicity and other tests on any of the released engineered seeds.

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World needs credible body to pursue Israeli war criminals

February 7th, 2009

Khalid Amayreh

On 27th December, Israel carried out a genocidal blitzkrieg against the estimated 1.5 million Palestinian inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, using state-of-the-art of the American technology of death.

This deadly weapons used against the imprisoned Gaza inhabitants include , inter alia, F-16 war planes, equipped with all sorts of lethal missiles including bunker buster bombs, apache helicopters, white Phosphorous shells, flechette dart shells, as well as the Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME), a deadly weapon recently developed by the United States army to create a powerful and lethal blast over a small area.

DIME is believed to still be in the experimental stage. However, it is widely believed that Israel had received a green light from the Pentagon to use Gaza as a testing ground.

In addition, Israel used all other conventional weapons, including tank and artillery shells against densely populated neighborhoods.

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The Politics Of Bollocks

February 6th, 2009

John Pilger

Growing up in an Antipodean society proud of its rich variety of expletives, I never heard the word bollocks. It was only on arrival in England that I understood its majesterial power. All classes used it. Judges grunted it; an editor of the Daily Mirror used it as noun, adjective and verb. Certainly, the resonance of a double vowel saw off its closest American contender. It had authority.

A high official with the Gilbertian title of Lord West of Spithead used it to great effect on 27 January. The former admiral, who is security adviser to Gordon Brown, was referring to Tony Blair's famous assertion that invading countries and killing innocent people did not increase the threat of terrorism at home.

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Daniel Barenboim: Take Your Piano and Go

February 6th, 2009

Angry Arab

Daniel Barenboim: "For the last forty years, history has proven that the Israeli–Palestinian conflict cannot be settled by force. Every effort, every possible means and resource of imagination and reflection should now be brought into play to find a new way forward. A new initiative which allays fear and suffering, acknowledges the injustice done, and leads to the security of Israelis and Palestinians alike. An initiative which demands of all sides a common responsibility: to ensure equal rights and dignity to both peoples, and to ensure the right of each person to transcend the past and aspire to a future."

I woke up to see a copy of this piece of trash in my inbox. I can't say that I was surprised because I saw the name of Daniel Barenboim on top, and never expected much from him. I never liked or trusted this man, and his friendship with Edward Said meant nothing to me. I never felt that I need to befriend an Israeli to complete my humanity or to prove my civility. I don't understand why Barenboim dares on the heels of the massacres of Gaza to lecture to the Palestinian people.

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On the Southern Poverty Law Center: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Hate-Mongers

February 6th, 2009

John Vennari

Saint Augustine once said that in the case of some individuals, an intellect may be capable of forming an objection without being capable of understanding the argument that meets that objection. Is the Southern Poverty Law Center, supposedly staffed by intelligent people, truly incapable of grasping basic rudiments of Catholicism? Or are they willfully malicious in their refusal to understand the Catholic Faith, and in their refusal to admit the most fundamental distinctions? My guess, it is a combination of both.

In its Winter 2007 Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], an enormously wealthy left-wing organization that sets itself up as a watchdog of hate-groups, racism and anti-Semitism, published a brutal attack on traditional Catholics. For years, SPLC monitored scurvy groups such as Neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, Skinheads and White Supremacists. More recently it targeted the so called “Christian right”. The SPLC accused Pat Buchanan of "hawking racism", calling his State of Emergency book a "white nationalist screed". Two years ago, its Winter 2005 Intelligence Report disparaged the “Christian Right” for its opposition to homosexuality, gay marriage and the gay agenda, after which the homosexual New York Blade celebrated with the headline: “Report Labels Religious Right as Hate Group”.

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Moscow Reacts to US Buildup in Afghanistan

February 6th, 2009

F. William Engdahl

Moscow has correctly assessed that the announced Obama troop buildup in Afghanistan has no relevance to the stated aim of combatting the ‘Taliban’, but rather with a new attempt by the Pentagon strategists to encircle both Russia and China on Eurasia in order to retain US global military dominance. It is not waiting for a new policy from Washington. Rather Russia is acting to secure its perimeter in Central Asia through a series of calculated geopolitical moves reminiscent of the famous Great Game of more than a Century ago. The stakes in this geopolitical power game could not be higher—the issue of world war or peace in the coming decade.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen are asking Obama to double US troop presence in Afghanistan. Both Gates and Mullen said that while they're thinking about the war in Afghanistan in terms of a 3-5 year time frame, their immediate goals are ‘unclear.’ That’s highly revealing. It is clear from the deliberate pattern over months, despite vehement protest from Pakistan’s government, of US bombing attacks on villages inside Pakistan, allegedly to hit Taliban targets, that the US intends to widen the conflict to Pakistan as well. What could be the possible aim?

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Basement Zombie Spews More Hate And Politics of Fear...

February 6th, 2009

By Vincent L. Guarisco

"Fighting fire with fire only gets you ashes"~~Abigail Van Buren

Goodness gracious, please pass me an oxygen mask --quickly -- so I can escape the dreaded plume! Whoa, I need some fresh air to replace the foul stench lingering from Dick Cheney! Indeed, Take a bow Mr. Dubious Ex-VP, thanks to you (and the little junior genius), 11 million worried Americans are now out of work and struggling to survive. How sweet and, just recently, while scrambling for our next meal, we got to hear basement Dick gush on the public airwaves that there’s a "high probability" were going to get attacked with biological agents or perhaps a nuclear device in the near future.

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The aftermath

February 5th, 2009

Najwa Sheikh Ahmed, Nusierat Camp, Gaza Strip

When we are about to relax, take our breaths back and continue our lives as it was before the war started, comes again the sound of the F 16, a long with the Israeli threats of more violent war, more destruction, and more death for the People in Gaza as if we are sentenced by the Israeli war board to “Rest no more”. For me it sounds that the Israelis opened an auction for whom will create the most deterring way to kill the Palestinians, and who creates the most won more votes, finally we ended up human no more but rather an election campaign for the Israelis, how funny!!!

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A New Administration, Tired Old Policies

February 5th, 2009

Stephen Lendman

In Part I of his year-end analysis, money manager and market strategist Jeremy Grantham assessed the global economic crisis:

"Greed + Incompetence + A Belief in Market Efficiency = Disaster. Greed and reckless overconfidence on the part of almost everyone caused (risk avoidance) to a degree that is probably unparalleled in breath and depth in American history." The aftershocks hit everywhere. Tremors continue. No safe harbors exist. Buckle up. Turbulence and convulsions are ahead. Grantham is worried and angry.

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