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The Causes of Human Suffering and a Solution

December 13th, 2008

Raymond Ponzini

At the top of the list is monetary greed and megalomania

Along with this comes ruthless exploitation of human beings, the environment, plant and animal species. Greed grinds up our earth and all life. Millions of innocent human beings are killed in wars that profit the international Federal Reserve banking system, the military industrial complex and the oil companies. The vast wealth created by war and human exploitation is not in any way used to benefit humanity or our earth. The super rich buy mansions all over the world, fleets of private jets and expensive cars, but most of the money they accumulate is stashed away in vast hoardes and used to acquire more slaves more power and more wealth. The cycle of power and exploitation is perpetual, and for humanity it is self-consuming. Obviously a world based on war and greed will end in a World War fought over dwindling commodity resources.

The inequitable distribution of resources

Lack of education, health care, food, housing, adequate pay and opportunity in general are driven by two main goals of the corporate ruling class. The first and foremost goal is to grind the workers down to a slave class existence so they are willing to work for just enough money to buy food. Thus billions of people will have no healthcare, no unemployment benefits, and certainly no Social Security system. In this way the super rich extract maximum profits from the people of the third world with minimal investment. The second reason the corporate ruling class makes life such a living hell for humanity, is to reduce the earth’s population through poverty and starvation. The reduction of the earths population has always been very important to the ruling elite and they have used every brutal method at their disposal to achieve this end: wars, mass sterilization programs, spreading diseases and creating deadly viruses to name a few.

The earth's growing population

Population control is extremely important because the resources of the earth are finite and the present human population is beyond the planet’s capacity to sustain and is harming the ecosystem. The earth's population needs to be reduced to a number that is well within the earth’s capacity to support. This should be done internationally and peacefully through monetary incentive programs that reward single child families in the third world. Mass murder, war, exploitation, and disease, the preferred methods of the super rich, are morally and spiritually wrong and prevent humanity from forming an orderly, just, and humane civilization. The reason the corporate super rich choose not to work together internationally at ways of controlling the earths population through peaceful means is that it serves neither their goal of maximum profit through exploitation of the poor nor their chief goal of acquiring power and wealth through war.

The intentional imbalance of the weather systems

Restoring the earth’s environment is the most important thing that humanity can do. Balanced weather systems and a stable environment produce larger crop yields and fewer hurricanes and extreme storms. The sun may have something to do with the extreme weather patterns we now see, but the changes probably have more to do with the actions of humankind. For the first time in human history, the permafrost of Russia is melting, islands are being washed away by rising oceans, and the Arctic Ocean will lose its protective cover of ice which hasn’t happened in a million years. The oil companies have spent millions of dollars on a public relations media campaign to convince people that global warming is a left wing liberal conspiracy, an environmental hoax perpetrated on humanity by a gang of self-serving scientists. But it isn’t that simple.

The behavior of the human species is affecting the environment of our planet in a very negative way and we need to start taking whatever measures are necessary to reverse the coming ice age that will result from the melting ice caps chilling down ocean currents which control our atmospheric temperature. It is highly likely that the corporate elite are fully apprized of the imminent ice age and the mass die off of human, plant, and animal life that will result and they actually want this to happen because it will solve the overpopulation problem. They don’t fear these earth changes because they have the power, wealth, resources, and technology to live anywhere on the planet, particularly in places where food can still be cultivated. In other words, they intend to claim the earth for themselves after removing most of humanity.

People have been convinced by special interests, like the oil companies, that the technology of Henry Ford and the automobile created over a hundred years ago is the best we can do. There is no better form of energy than this toxic black liquid that pollutes our air and water and warms our atmosphere, a toxic liquid that we fight wars over and kill millions of people over. They would also have us believe that oil is in short supply and we are running out, which is yet another compelling reason that we are locked in a death struggle over oil with other countries. It’s all a lie. There is no shortage of oil. In fact America has enough oil and natural gas in Alaska to last for at least 200 years.

So why the big lie? Because it serves their goals of profit, human enslavement, war, and power. Greed and hoarding of the earth’s resources has always been the way of the super rich.

America isn’t the only hoarder of oil; Russia is also sitting on a massive supply of oil and is content to buy oil on the open market rather than utilizing their own supply. There is enough oil on this planet to turn our atmosphere black with pollution and to fight endless wars over for the next thousand years, which humanity is intent on doing.

We are headed for a hell of environmental destruction, exploitation, greed, war, and mass death, and all to serve a handfull of immoral monsters. Even if we could gather up all the worlds’ super rich, corrupt politicians, and owners of corporations, put them on a ship, and sink it in the north Atlantic, it wouldn’t change our destiny. Others would quickly replace them and the hell would continue. What is needed is a real solution to the problem.

There is a way to checkmate the corporate super rich, save our world and create a utopia. It will take the concerted efforts of a group of talented dedicated people to implement this solution, and although humanity has this solution at our fingertips it will be very very difficult to carry out. The corporate ruling class, the oil companies, have already killed many others who tried to bring this knowledge to humanity. They know that when this secret is fully and irrevocably revealed, their power over civilization and our earth will end immediately and their wealth will dwindle away and they will cease to matter, and it is this which they fear more than the destruction of our world.

The solution begins with one man, a billionaire

One of the super rich is needed to provide five hundred million dollars to fund the project. It is unwise to attempt to raise such money publicly without drawing the attention of the oil companies and an army of paid assassins down on the project. One of the 500 billionaires in the world must be convinced to turn against his super rich brethren and side with humanity and the earth. This is a particularly difficult step because such individuals are usually only motivated by power and wealth. Nonetheless, for this plan to succeed one of them must be approached and convinced to fund the project or it will probably fail. This step is particularly tricky because if the wrong billionaire is approached they could alert the oil companies.

Assuming that the money is obtained the plan begins by assembling a small group of scientists manufacturers and workers together in a clandestine location preferably a large underground cavern somewhere in the United States. The workers in the strange, secret factory could be assembled from the ranks of the poorest and most uneducated, people who are ignorant and unaware of what they are participating in. Their silence should be further enhanced with $200,000 cash bonuses to be paid to each worker upon the successful completion of the project. There can be no defections from the factory or the project could fail. The small factory must be an entirely self-contained self-sustaining secret community.

1000 used Geo Prisms and Toyota Corollas between the years 1993 and 2005 should be clandestinely purchased throughout the United States. The condition of the cars is unimportant as they will be completely refurbished and made better than new in the factory. The cars should be delivered by covered rail cars at night to the factory to prevent detection by satellite surveillance. Every effort to disguise the project as a mining operation should be made.

As the cars are brought into the factory they should immediately be placed on an assembly line where the workers both restore the cars to nearly new condition and install hydrogen fuel cells.

In 1968 an American inventor, Stanley Meyer, found the resonance frequency of water and tuned an electrolyzer with an oscillator to that frequency. Vastly boosting the efficiency of the device his unique approach to electrolyzing water was extremely efficient, and required only half an amp of electricity to fracture enough water to run a Volkswagen engine. The gaseous hydrogen and oxygen mixture was introduced into the cylinders of the engine, which burned it like gasoline while producing zero pollution. With the correct modifications any automobile, aircraft, or ship can be converted to run on water.

Stan Meyer patented a $1400. fuel cell conversion kit that was designed to be installed in any car. Needless to say the owners of the oil companies were terrified and saw their lives flash before their eyes. Stan Meyer was murdered before his device could be brought to market and his dream of making this a much better world died with him.

As long as lone inventors like Stan Meyer try to change the world by themselves they will be killed, and all news of them and their inventions will be removed from the corporate media.

The cars should have special fill caps that make it impossible to put gasoline in them and each car should be emblazoned with large letters on the back front and sides that read: WATER CAR RUNS ON WATER ONLY.

After all 1000 cars have been rebuilt and converted to run on water they should be placed in a special 'front' organization, which ships the cars out to preselected financially struggling families in need of cars. In a matter of hours the water cars should be delivered, like a 'night of long knives' against the military industrial banking oil complex.

Immediately after the cars are delivered every major newspaper, magazine, radio station, and TV network on earth should be contacted and told that: ‘As of this day the world has changed forever, humanity is no longer the slaves of the oil companies and the corporate super rich and will no longer fight their endless wars for oil, power, and profit.’

It will be impossible for the oil companies and the corrupt American government to collect all 1000 water cars. It will be impossible for the oil companies to silence the world media, and it will be impossible for them to kill all 1000 water car owners and their families. The world will finally know the truth and there will be freedom from the madness and megalomania, and a new day of peace, order, and prosperity will dawn.


© Copyright December 13, 2008 by Raymond Ponzini. This article is posted on http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org Permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media with this credit attached and the title unchanged.

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