The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff

December 8th, 2008
Chris Hedges The multiple failures that beset the country, from our mismanaged economy to our shredded constitutional rights to our lack of universal health care to our imperial debacles in the Middle East, can be laid at the feet of our elite… more »

The Roots of Christian Zionism, Part I, The Cause of the Conflict

December 8th, 2008
Charles E. Carlson America’s war based economy depends on Christians’ support. Christian Zionists, by whatever name, are the primary public enablers of serial wars upon Islamic states. Why? Because they have been conditioned to think of… more »

Hit Me Congress, One More Time: Bailing Out the Auto Industry

December 8th, 2008
by Walter Brasch Congress should bend over, dig into the public coffers once again, and give the auto industry everything it wants—even though 61 percent of Americans oppose a bailout, according to a CNN/Opinion Research poll. A couple of weeks ago,… more »

The Fall of the House of Rubashkin

December 8th, 2008
Elizabeth Dwoskin Photos like this, of Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin, are reverberating in Crown Heights. AP Photo/Iowa City Gazette, Jonathan D. Woods. Men in long black coats and women wearing stiff wigs crowd the benches of the courtroom at the… more »

The Global Economic Crisis: Bad and Worsening

December 8th, 2008
Stephen Lendman In a new article, economics professor Richard Wolff explains the current crisis in Marxian terms. It "emerged from the workings of the capitalist class structure. Capitalism's history displays repeated boom-bust cycles punctuated by… more »

Patriarch Alexy II and His Legacy

December 8th, 2008
Yuri N. Maltsev The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Alexy II, died at 79 on December 5, 2008 at his residence at the fashionable Moscow suburb of Peredelkino from heart failure. During his 18-year patriarchy, which coincided with the… more »


December 8th, 2008
Karakwine & MNN Staff The vermin have come out of the woodwork. Now that Canada’s Parliament has been suspended, it should now be obvious to everyone, Canada is not a democracy. It never was. It is a colony that has a single person, the Queen,… more »

The Power Elite Playbook, Fascism and False Flags = War, Part 17

December 8th, 2008
Deanna Spingola Nagata Tetsuzan, in company with Obata Toshiro and Okamura Yasuji (all three trained in military intelligence) and Prince Hirohito, had met secretly at the German spa Baden-Baden on October 27, 1921 to plan a total war against the West.… more »

Smoking gun! Rockefeller Official Revealed NWO Plot in 1969

December 8th, 2008
Henry Makow Our political and cultural "leaders" are accomplices in a plot to re-engineer humanity to serve the Judeo-Masonic central banking cartel. Wars, "terrorism," depressions, political and social change, entertainment and fads are all contrived… more »

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