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That which is everywhere and everything...

November 14th, 2008

Les Visible

What I am about to say has been said before. Anything that can be said has been said before… ignored before and understood before.

One thing that confuses a great many people is; how do you approach that which is everywhere and everything, is both the creator and the product, is you and everything that surrounds you and which creates, sustains and destroys every temporary thing while remaining unchanged itself?

Every religious text concerns itself with this. You’ve got more guidelines; rules of conduct, points of focus and forms of worship than you could possibly use and the more you tried, the more confusing it would become. Scholars immerse themselves in information their whole lives and wind up knowing less than they did when they began. The chaos and confusion in the ever changing world, with its myriad attractions and electro-magnetic impact on the senses and then upon the mind, makes for a real circus.

What to do… what to do if you really do want to achieve self-realization. Let’s take self-realization as the catch-all term for however anyone and everyone define that state which is union with the all pervasive unknowable. Let’s assume that following a religion can eventually take you to a point of better understanding. Let’s also assume that following a religion can also take you into a greater darkness. We have ample proof of this by looking at what history shows us. I do not need to elaborate here. I do not mean to diminish religion and what may or may not be possible. I take it for granted that many hearts have found succor there.

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Europe should speak to Hamas now

November 14th, 2008

Khalid Amayreh

There is no doubt that Hamas, the main Palestinian Islamic movement, is becoming more rational, more pragmatic and more moderate, at least in comparison to its formative years. This is why it is imperative that member-States of the European Union (EU) either collectively or individually should initiate a meaningful dialogue with Hamas as soon as possible. Needless to say, such a dialogue would be expedient to all parties involved as well as to the cause of peace and stability in the Middle East.

Israel, along with her guardian-ally, the United States, and the bulk of EU States, sought to destroy Hamas by imposing an especially harsh blockade on occupied Palestine following Hamas’s electoral victory in 2006.

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Secrets of Talk Radio

November 14th, 2008

Dan Shelley

I first got into journalism because I thought I could make a difference.

I wrote for the school newspaper and did “news” reports on a radio station a friend and I started at my high school in Springfield, Mo. I got my first professional job at age 20, while still in college, at a local radio station’s news department. Three years later, I became a news director, and 12 years after that, in 1995, I was recruited to move to Milwaukee to become news director at WTMJ, one of the largest and most successful news/talk radio stations in America.

That was where my real education occurred.

I worked for three years as news director, and then, in 1998, gained the additional title of assistant program director, a role I held until leaving the station in July 2006. From that position, I worked closely with our talk show hosts and became intimately familiar with how they appeal to listeners and shape their vision of the world. Let me tell you some of the lessons I learned.

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November 13th, 2008

Phillip F. Tourney

Patriots, get us out of this Zionist nest! We were warned by our wise forefathers of the danger of becoming beholden to a partner in our government. President Washington showed us the light but our government blew it out and now are paying a dear price, in blood and treasure, to keep our beloved America from being sucked down the proverbial Zionist drain of no return.

America is not at a crossroad. We are way beyond that and have been for 41+ years. The Six Day War in June of 1967 was the path to our prosperity and the joy of real freedom but our bought and paid for government, from LBJ to the congress and courts took the road of a snake’s forked tongue and the snake has all but devoured all that this great land is endeared for, such as our dignity, fairness, love of family, friends, love of country and our planet, and, most of all, God. We have given until we can’t give anymore. The greedy Jewish Zionist bankers have bankrupt this country from Wall Street to your street, to your house, to your farm, your land, your car, your boat, and your life.

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Obama the Fraud: "We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al Qaeda."

November 13th, 2008

Gabriele Zamparini

[Zbigniew Brzezinski (Obama's handler) visiting 'his boy', Osama Bin Laden, in training with the Pakistan Army, 1981.] Obama the Fraud named former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (also known as Bloody Madeleine) as his emissary at the international economic summit in Washington.

In 1996 Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?" - US Ambassador at the United Nations (soon to become Secretary of State) Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price -- we think the price is worth it." CBS - "60 Minutes," May 12, 1996.

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Obama and the Deep State: Is there Hope?

November 13th, 2008


Recently some ominous statements by two very big political insiders has been making the buzz on certain blogs. It turns out that both Colin Powell and Senator Joe Biden have publicly stated that Obama will see a major international crisis early on in his presidency. According to Biden this crisis will test Obama's "mettle," and according to Powell, will "come along in the 21st or 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now."

With these bizarre statements by two establishment insiders one can understand why the blogs are buzzing with rumor and innuendo. Many are wondering if we are getting advance warnings about another 9/11 or perhaps a global financial meltdown?

The comment about testing the mettle of Obama came from future VP and "War on Terror" snake-oil salesman Joe Biden, who neglected to say how this "crisis" will test him in his role as future VP. Here's his comment at an October 19, 2008, 25K, Seattle fundraiser:

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Index Research: US -Israel Missile Defense Cooperation

November 13th, 2008

Sarah Meyer

Were the numerous 'missile shield' stories on 12 November 2008 designed to impress Obama and his AIPAC war hawk team with the need for a continuation of an obscenely expensive “NATO” Missile Defense programme? Could the US financial crisis be helped by lessening the absurd amounts of money given to Israel for its defense?

U.S. Installs Missile Defense Radar in Israel

12.11.08. nti. The United States has completed installation of a missile defense radar station in Israel that will be operated by the first permanent deployment of U.S. troops in the nation, Haaretz reported yesterday. The detachment would consist of about 120 personnel working under the U.S. European Command. … / Israel is particularly concerned about Iran’s missile capabilities. / In addition to the radar, the United States has agreed to rapidly provide missile launch detection data collected from U.S. satellites, according to Defense News. / “Since they threw in [the launch warnings], it's become a whole new ball game. We're looking at a very generous gift from the United States, even if it means we have to compromise on sovereignty by having U.S. troops deployed here,” the expert said. / The radar is the same model as the system the United States erected in Japan in 2006.

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