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Awakening - 2012 - A Message of Hope

March 31st, 2012


Message of Hope is a very inspirational video about the awakening of a new type of consciousness worldwide. Video by "Mrrockitman"

Bakers Green Acres vs. Michigan DNR - Family Farm Under Attack

March 30th, 2012

Kyle Miron

A family farm in rural Michigan may be shut down by a Government Entity who has passed a law stating that the breed of hogs they are raising are a threat to neighboring croplands. In truth, the Big Pork Industry has been planning this campaign to take down all family farms with hopes to eventually siege complete control of the American Food Supply. This short-film was created with hopes to inspire the public to take action.

animals effected by electrosmog

March 29th, 2012


"My grandmom, my mom and my uncle have Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and apparently also my grandfather died from a brain tumor. They lived all their life in front of a big TV repeater, at less than 50 yards distance from it. I also lived around it for about 20 years". Those cellular antenna showing on the photo she sent me were added to the tower some time ago when cell phones were introduced in Italy (in a BIG way). She said the cell phone companies are VERY powerful in Italy and they "spin" the news (just like everywhere, it seems) and get the media to studiously avoid mentioning the cell phone and cell tower connection to all the illness/symptoms, instead blaming it on TV antenna (which may be adding to the lack of sleep problem). You can spot at least 6 cell phone antenna on the tower.

Once Again Atzmon on Muhammad and Friends TV Show (very interesting)

March 27th, 2012

Gilad Atzmon

"We spoke about The Wandering Who, Dershowitz, AZZ, the Lobby, Abunimah & Co., Iran, Ethics.. very very interesting...(my segment starts around 5 minutes in).."

Obama: Craven Puppet of Racist Israel

March 23rd, 2012

drdduke Due to restrictions on my channel comments must be monitored by our staff. No obscenity, violence, or truly hateful comments. We will not let Dr. Duke's videos get banned by intemperate comments! So keep it civil and clean. This video exposed the hypocrisy of Obama's concern at AIPAC for the "demographic shift" of Israel and his efforts to preserve Israel as a "Jewish State" at the same time he and the media work for demographic shift of America Europe and the entire Western World. This video exposes 1) That Obama is a hypocrite 2) That Israel is not a Democratic State (as it always claims) and 3) That Israel is the most RACIST nation on Earth. Help spread this video to the world.

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