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EPA Proposes Extended Ban on Neurotoxic Pesticide Sprayed on Crops

November 2nd, 2015
Categories: Environment, Health


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Friday a proposal that would ban a pesticide commonly sprayed on citrus fruits, almonds, and other crops. Chlorpyrifos has been in use since 1965 as an insecticide for oranges, apples, cherries, grapes, broccoli, and asparagus. Dozens of farmworkers have been sickened by chlorpyrifos is recent years.

Your Radiation this Week No 28

November 2nd, 2015
Categories: Environment, Science, Health



*Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is One Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument.

All Radiation Counts reported are partial Counts. Uncounted types of radiation include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray radiation.

The highest radiation reporting city is listed first, the least radioactive city reporting is listed last.
Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]
1613 CPM, 322.6 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR Gamma, Beta.
1531 CPM, 306.2 Times Normal, Kansas City, KS Gamma, Beta.
1483 CPM, 296.6 Times Normal, Colorado Springs, CO. Gamma, Beta.
1449 CPM, 289.8 Times Normal, SanDiegoRadMonKilled Inactive Oct2015
1407 CPM, 281.4 Times Normal, Miami, FL. Gamma, Beta.
1355 CPM, 271 Times Normal, Spokane, WA. Gamma, Beta.
1319 CPM, 263.8 Times Normal, Worcester, MA. Gamma, Beta.
1315 CPM, 263 Times Normal, Louisville, KY Gamma, Beta
1309 CPM, 261.8 Times Normal, Navajo Lake, NM LastReading
1300 CPM, 260 Times Normal, Raleigh, NC. Gamma, Beta.
1294 CPM, 258.8 Times Normal, Fresno, CA Gamma, Beta.
1267 CPM, 253.4 Times Normal, Memphis, TN Gamma, Beta.
1265 CPM, 253 Times Normal, Champaign, IL Gamma, Beta.
1258 CPM, 251.6 Times Normal, Idaho Falls, ID Gamma, Beta.
1235 CPM, 247 Times Normal, Phoenix, AZ Gamma, Beta.
1208 CPM, 241.6 Times Normal, Amarillo, TX. Last Reading
1168 CPM, 233.6 Times Normal, Bakersfield, CA Gamma, Beta.
1157 CPM, 231.4 Times Normal, Pierre, SD Gamma, Beta.
1154 CPM, 230.8 Times Normal, Harrisburg, VA. Gamma, Beta.
1151 CPM, 230.2 Times Normal, Bismark, ND. Gamma, Beta.
1134 CPM, 226.8 Times Normal, Denver, CO. Gamma, Beta.
1124 CPM, 224.8 Times Normal, Portland, ME Last Reading
1101 CPM, 220.2 Times Normal, Billings, MT Gamma, Beta.
1098 CPM, 219.6 Times Normal, Tulsa, OK Gamma, Beta.
1095 CPM, 219 Times Normal, Lexington, KY Gamma, Beta
1080 CPM, 216 Times Normal, Riverside, CA. Gamma, Beta.
1078 CPM, 215.4 Times Normal, El Paso, TX. Gamma, Beta.
1068 CPM, 213.6 Times Normal, Charleston, WV. Gamma, Beta.
1062 CPM, 212.4 Times Normal, Tucson, AZ Gamma, Beta.
1045 CPM, 209 Times Normal, Rapid City, SD. Gamma, Beta.
1034 CPM, 206.8 Times Normal, Concord, NH Gamma, Beta.
1029 CPM, 205.8 Times Normal, Pittsburgh, PA, Gamma, Beta.
399 CPM, 79.8 Times Normal, Washington, DC. High Gamma, Beta.
213 CPM, 42.6 Times Normal, Washington, DC. Low Gamma, Beta.
Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]

Highest Recorded Radioactive City in America this week Little Rock, Arkansas

Top Doctor Sounds The Alarm on Supposed Science Behind the Annual Flu Vaccine - Video

November 2nd, 2015
Categories: Health


Dr. Geier: flu shot is not very effective in preventing the flu. He also explains that the CDC does not follow the law for vaccines in requiring long-term safety testing for the influenza vaccine like they do with other vaccines, as it is impossible to test a vaccine that changes every year. So the flu vaccine is basically an experimental vaccine that they want to give out to 300 million people every year. There are also no studies showing the safety of giving the flu vaccine to the same person every single year.

Fukushima nuclear waste now being found off all U.S. states on West Coast — Detected near shorelines of California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska this summer — Highest radiation just miles from San Francisco

November 2nd, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Health


In the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami off Japan, the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant released cesium-134 and other radioactive elements into the ocean at unprecedented levels. Since then, the radioactive plume has traveled west across the Pacific… any cesium-134 detected in the ocean today must have come from Fukushima.

Orchard growers in collapse as pests decimate crops in Florida

November 1st, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Economic, Health


The harvesting of multiple fruits just south of Miami, in Redland, has been suspended. A 97-square mile agricultural quarantine is now in place to try and control Oriental fruit fly, native to China and northern India. unsure how the fly made it into the country; feeds off 432 known plants.

100 Samples of Coffee Found to Contain Carcinogenic Mycotoxins But do coffee health benefits outweigh the risk?

November 1st, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Health


An analysis of 100 brands of commercially available coffees sold in Spain revealed the presence of these mycotoxins in every sample. Dr. Emilia Ferrer of the University of Valencia in Spain and her colleagues explain that mycotoxins are compounds produced by filamentous fungi – such as Aspergillus or Fusarium – which have been linked to liver cancer and other diseases.

Russia warns of growing US-funded bio-weapons labs in region

October 31st, 2015
Categories: World, Science, Health


Speaking after a Russian Security Council meeting, the head of the agency, Nikolay Patrushev, said that Washington pours “tens of billions of dollars” into bio-weapons laboratories that operate on the territories of the Commonwealth of [newly] Independent States (CIS) that were part of the former Soviet bloc and that now surround Russia, RT reported Saturday.

Pepsi Admits That Its Aquafina Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water, Coca-Cola’s Dasani Is Next

October 31st, 2015
Categories: Health


On Friday, the Pepsi corporation admitted that its Aquafina bottled water is not purified water or spring water, but simply plain old tap water. The company will now be forced to change the labeling of the brand to reflect that it is just tap water.

USDA Punished Bee Expert Turned Whistle-blower For Researching Pesticides

October 31st, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Politics, Police State, Health


Jonathan Lundgren’s research found bees and monarch butterflies can be harmed by a widely used class of insecticides. In a whistleblower case filed Wednesday, the United States Agriculture Department entomologist alleges he faced retaliation because of his research.

Record radiation at Fukushima power plant could kill person in under 1 hour – reports

October 31st, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Science, Health


The mortal radiation reading was taken in a small room, using a remote-controlled robot, where a pipe leads to the containment vessel of the No. 2 reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, JIJI Press reported, citing Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO).

Why are so Many Healthy People Dying from the Flu After Receiving the Flu Vaccine Shot? - Video

October 31st, 2015
Categories: Health


Another flu death of an otherwise healthy person after receiving the flu vaccine has been reported in Wisconsin. 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion has died from flu complications, after she received the flu shot required as part of her employment. The CDC has stated that this year’s flu shot is mostly ineffective against the current influenza strains.

CDC Scientist Admits Destroying Evidence Linking Vaccines To Autism - Video

October 30th, 2015
Categories: News, Science, Health


Over 100 people gathered outside the CDC in Atlanta demanding transparency when it comes to vaccines. Is there anything to what these people are saying? How about the facts that no one else will share? This is a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else.

Family says girl became paralyzed, lost vision after receiving flu vaccine

October 30th, 2015
Categories: Health


—A family in Texas believes their daughter had a rare reaction to a flu shot, causing her to be paralyzed and lose her vision. The parents of 9-year-old Brianna Browning say their daughter hasn’t been able to move much of her body in almost two weeks.

Warning: GMO-containing foods would be labeled like tobacco under new Russian bill

October 29th, 2015
Categories: Nature, World, Politics, Health


Two Russian lawmakers propose to amend the Law on Consumers’ Rights. It would demand food producers attach large and readable warnings on all GMO-containing products as well as detailed explanations of artificial additives in foodstuffs.

Fire erupts at another U.S. nuclear site near major city — Witness: Flames within feet of radioactive waste — TV: “You can see the smoke for miles… A big-time scare” — EPA emergency response specialists deployed

October 29th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Health


Fire was started by a faulty switch, fire came within feet of it, within feet of radioactive waste. No one knows for sure what will happen if the fire comes into contact with it, some low-level radiation has moved into neighborhoodsfire erupted within some 75 yards of the radioactive waste. Flames can surface in unexpected places without warning.

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