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China ‘cloning factory’ to produce cattle, racehorses and pets

November 24th, 2015
Categories: Nature, World, Science, Health


The world’s biggest animal “cloning factory” is due to open in China, producing one million calves a year, sniffer dogs and even genetic copies of the family pet. In Europe, cloning animals for farming was banned in September

Hershey’s Removes Fake Vanilla (Vanillin) from Hershey’s Kisses

November 24th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Health


Hershey’s announced will remove fake vanilla (“vanillin”) from its chocolate and replace it with real vanilla. Vanillin is a vanilla extract made from wood pulp that is utilized by food companies to reduce manufacturing costs. It’s a synthetic substance that is often produced using petrochemicals.

Researchers find strains of E. coli that have evolved to resist ‘the antibiotic of last resort’

November 23rd, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Health


Researchers in China recently found E.coli bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic colistin, often called the antibiotic of last resort, concerning healthcare professionals is that the circle of DNA that makes the bacteria resistant to colistin can be passed on to other strains of harmful bacteria.

Sugar Beet Farmers Face Record Low Sales as Demand for ‘Non-GMO’ Booms

November 23rd, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Health


Sugar beet demand (with most of all sugar beets being grown in the US being genetically modified) fell to less than 41% of the U.S. total of 11.8 million tons (10.7 million tonnes) in the last fiscal year, a record low down from 47% of 10.4 million tons in the 2008 crop year. 2008 was the year the biotech seeds were introduced on a commercial scale.

Your Radiation This Week No 31

November 22nd, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Science, Health

These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States. Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM.

1,563 CPM, 310.6 Times Normal, Miami, FL. Gamma, Beta.
1,548 CPM, 309.6 Times Normal, Pierre, SD Gamma, Beta.
1,532 CPM, 306.4 Times Normal, Bismark, ND. Gamma, Beta.
1,409 CPM, 281.8 Times Normal, Fresno, CA Gamma, Beta.
1,405 CPM, 281 Times Normal, Denver, CO. Gamma, Beta.
1,402 CPM, 280.4 Times Normal, Bakersfield, CA Gamma, Beta.
1,388 CPM, 277.6 Times Normal, Worcester, MA. Gamma, Beta.
1,352 CPM, 270.4 Times Normal, Louisville, KY Gamma, Beta
1,350 CPM, 270 Times Normal, Colorado Springs, CO. Gamma, Beta.
1,347 CPM, 269.4 Times Normal, Spokane, WA. Gamma, Beta.
1,293 CPM, 258.6 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR Gamma, Beta.
1,285 CPM, 257 Times Normal, Harrisburg, VA. Gamma, Beta.
1,259 CPM, 251.8 Times Normal, Raleigh, NC. Gamma, Beta.
1,241 CPM, 248.2 Times Normal, Navajo Lake, NM Gamma, Beta.
1,213 CPM, 242.6 Times Normal, Tucson, AZ Gamma, Beta.
1,208 CPM, 241.6 Times Normal, Amarillo, TX. Military Takeover
1,149 CPM, 229.8 Times Normal, Mason City, IA Gamma, Beta.
1,139 CPM, 227.8 Times Normal, Pittsburgh, PA, Gamma, Beta.
1,138 CPM, 227.6 Times Normal, Phoenix, AZ Gamma, Beta.
1,135 CPM, 227 Times Normal, Champaign, IL Gamma, Beta.
1,128 CPM, 225.6 Times Normal, Anaheim, CA. Gamma, Beta.
1,120 CPM, 224 Times Normal, Idaho Falls, ID Gamma, Beta.
1,117 CPM, 223.4 Times Normal, Billings, MT Gamma, Beta.
1,101 CPM, 220.2 Times Normal, Charleston, WV. Gamma, Beta.
1,081 CPM, 216.2 Times Normal, Portland, ME Last Reading
1,049 CPM, 209.8 Times Normal, Lincoln, NE Gamma, Beta.
1,049 CPM, 209.8 Times Normal, Riverside, CA. Gamma, Beta.
1,048 CPM, 209.2 Times Normal, San Diego, CA. Gamma. Beta.
1,045 CPM, 209 Times Normal, Kearney, NE. Gamma, Beta.
1,029 CPM, 205.8 Times Normal, Reno, NV Gamma, Beta.
1,027 CPM, 205.4 Times Normal, Tulsa, OK Gamma, Beta.
1,020 CPM, 204 Times Normal, Los Angeles, CA. Gamma, Beta.
1,020 CPM, 204 Times Normal, Wichita, KS. Gamma, Beta.
1,011 CPM, 202.2 Times Normal, Kansas City, KS Gamma, Beta.
399 CPM, 79.8 Times Normal, Washington, DC. High Gamma, Beta.
209 CPM, 41.8 Times Normal, Washington, DC. Low Gamma, Beta.

Municipalities lock horns over contaminated grass given to Fukushima cattle ranch

November 21st, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Health


The mayor of a town near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant filed a complaint Nov. 20 against Shiroishi city for providing radiation-contaminated pasture grass to a local farmer.

Canada Sued Over Genetically Modified Salmon Calamity

November 21st, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Science, Health


US tried to ship genetically modified salmon eggs to Prince Edward Island in Canada, meant to be sent to Panama to be used in what activists are calling a ‘huge, live experiment,’ could have permanently damaged non-GM salmon. Hurricanes, human error or equipment failure could release the GM fish from their land-based hatcheries into the ocean. Measures to avoid mixing with wild Atlantic salmon inadequate.

Report: Some Prescription Drugs Now Cost More Than Household Incomes

November 20th, 2015
Categories: Economic, Health


Average annual retail cost of certain specialty pharmaceuticals now exceeds the median U.S. household income. These drugs are used to treat complex diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

FDA approves genetically modified salmon for consumption in US

November 19th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Science, Health


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday approved genetically modified salmon, the first such altered animal allowed for human consumption in the United States; said the fish is safe to eat, "no biologically relevant differences in the nutritional profile of AquAdvantage Salmon compared to that of other farm-raised Atlantic salmon." Company's CEO, said the fish is a "game changer that brings healthy and nutritious food to consumers in an environmentally responsible manner without damaging the ocean."

3-Year-Old Given 8% Chance to Live Overcomes Cancer with Cannabis - Video

November 19th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Politics, Police State, Science, Health


Landon Riddle of Colorado 3 years old, has acute lymphocytic leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow; given a few weeks to live after reacting badly to chemotherapy. His mother began to administer medical marijuana, chemo became unnecessary. Wasn’t legal in Utah, mother moved to Colorado. Began giving him THC, his red and white blood cell counts increased dramatically after a few doses. Landon’s cancer is now in full remission.

Antibiotics Fed to Livestock are Putting Kids’ Lives in Danger

November 18th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Health


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a technical report warning doctors’ ability to treat life-threatening infections in children is being compromised by adding antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs to the feed of healthy livestock. Nearly 80% of antibiotic use in the United States is in livestock.

Scientists Cure Cancer In Mice With Doses Of Vitamin C

November 18th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Science, Health


Scientists at Cornell, Tufts and other institutions have conducted a study in which they successfully killed cancer cells in mice with high doses of vitamin C.

It's Official - Fukushima Dumping Radiation All Over US

November 17th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Health


In 2011 there were positively measured results of iodine and cesium… These measurements are a direct result of [the] Fukushima nuclear plants, also affected broad leaf vegetation sample media throughout the year as long-lived radionuclides (Cs-137) were released at Fukushima multiple times. The vegetation measurements in 2014 are still affected by the Fukushima event due to the long-lived radionuclides deposited. The vegetation control sample station located in Orlando, Fl. is also experiencing similar Cs-137 deposition on the broad leaf sample media.

Meet The Family That Just Spent Half Its Annual Income Paying For Obamacare

November 16th, 2015
Categories: Economic, Health


Kevin Fanning, 59 Texas,I was paying for insurance I could not afford to use, dropped his policy. David R. Reines, 60, Jefferson Township, N.J.,“We have insurance, but can’t afford to use it. ”More than half the plans offered for sale through, the federal online marketplace, have a deductible of $3,000 or more. In Miami, median deductible, according to, is $5,000. In Jackson, Miss. the figure is $5,500. Anne Cornwell Chattanooga, Tenn. $10,000 deductible, income about $32,000 a year.

Even the liberal New York Times now admits Obamacare prices are skyrocketing

November 16th, 2015
Categories: Economic, Politics, Police State, Health


Some of the law’s biggest cheerleaders now admit the tsunami of higher monthly insurance premiums coupled with colossally higher deductions (which dramatically boost out-of-pocket expenses) are hurting Americans. Tennessee, state insurance commissioner approved a 36 percent rate increase. Minnesota, officials approved increases averaging 49 percent for Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Candidate Obama was promising his health reform plan would lower premiums by $2,500 a year.

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