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More than 40 killed in Iraq bombings, attacks -Video

December 16th, 2013
Categories: World, War, Politics, Iraq


40 killed in terrorist attacks in Iraq. Gunmen killed three soldiers guarding oil pipeline near Tikrit, shot 12 people on bus in Mosul, five car bombs, magnetic “sticky bomb” on vehicle explode. TV journalist Nawras al-Nuaimi slain. Open war, country in chaos. Iraqi Prime Minister: al-Qaeda killing thousands.

Bomb blasts kill at least 18 across Iraq

December 9th, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Iraq


Car bomb exploded outside cafe in town of Buhriz killing 12, wounding 24. Roadside bomb hit army patrol south of the capital, killing one Iraqi soldier, wounding two others. Three killed, seven wounded in bomb attack at outdoor market in Baghdad. Attacks came day after bombings in Baghdad killed 39.

Execution-style killings on upswing in Iraq: UN -Video

December 1st, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Police State, Iraq


United Nations has warned of growing execution-style killings in Iraq, raising fears of a return of the death squads in the country that killed thousands of people following the US-led invasion in 2003.

Fresh violence in Iraq kills at least 31 people -Video

November 28th, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Iraq


At least 31 people have been killed in a fresh wave of violence, including bombings and gun attacks, across Iraq. Series of bombings in Baghdad. Number of shootings. 600 people killed in November across Iraq. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki: Iraq is facing a “war of genocide. He blamed al-Qaeda.

Spoils of War: Police Getting Leftover Iraq Trucks

November 24th, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Police State, Science, Iraq


Defense Department is giving to law enforcement agencies mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles, or MRAPS, 18-ton, armor-protected military fighting vehicles with gun turrets and bulletproof glass built for about $500,000 each.

Recent bout of shootings, bombings kills 13 in Iraq

November 22nd, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Iraq


At least 13 people have been killed in a fresh wave of violence across Iraq as the country remains grappling with a prolonged surge in violence. At least six people were killed on Friday when four separate shootings and bombings rocked the capital, Baghdad

US orders UK not to publish Chilcot probe findings -Video

November 14th, 2013
Categories: News, World, War, Politics, Police State, Iraq


The Independent: US government ordered Britain not to publish contents of inquiry into the Iraq War carried out by Sir John Chilcot. PresidentObama insists certain parts of the Iraq Inquiry, could not be released as it is focused on the pre-war conspiracy hatched by George W. Bush, Tony Blair.

Terrorist attacks kill over 40 people in Iraq -Video

November 14th, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Iraq


Attacks against mourners marking the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein. Bomb attacks: cities of Baquba, Kirkuk, Hafriyah. Series of bomb blasts across Iraq. Iraqi ministry of health, interior and defense: 1,000 killed 1,600 injured in October. No group claims responsibility for the attacks.

Imperial roots of Iraq's sectarian violence

November 11th, 2013
Categories: News, War, Iraq


Iraq teeters on the edge of a new civil war between Shia and Sunni, with bombings and shootings killing 1,000 people a month. Did the U.S. leave behind a civil war

Attacks kill 39, injure 52 across Iraq

November 4th, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Iraq


Bomb went off in a market in Tikrit, In another incident, gunmen in Mosul, killed three provincial government employees, injured another. Separate attack by armed men in the city, four police officers died. Three policemen die in assault on a checkpoint. Series of attacks in Baquba and Kirkuk.

66 killed in day of carnage as 11 car bombs rip through Iraq

October 27th, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Iraq


Ten car bombs ripped through the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least 42 and wounding dozens more, officials said. attacks, including separate blast targeting soldiers in the northern city of Mosul, killed dozens more across Iraq. Man driving car with explosives blew himself up outside government bank.

New wave of violence leaves 28 dead in Iraq

October 23rd, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, Iraq


Gunmen, suicide bombers killed 25 police, three civilians in coordinated attacks Suicide bomber detonated a tanker truck loaded with explosives at police checkpoint, militants armed with heavy weapons struck police station, another bomber detonated vehicle at police checkpoint.

Car bomb attacks kill over 30 in Iraqi capital

October 17th, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Politics, Iraq


30 killed,100 injured in car bomb attacks in Baghdad. Spike in bombings, shootings. Most attacks target crowded places, mosques, markets, cafes. Government blames al-Qaeda terrorists and former Ba’athists. over 460,000 died in Iraq between 2003 and 2011 a result of US invasion. VIDEO

31 people die in multiple terrorist attacks across Iraq

October 13th, 2013
Categories: News, Middle East, War, Iraq


Eight car bombs in the cities of: Kut Hillah, Suwayrah, Samawah, Diwaniyah separate attacks in Basra, Mahmoudiyah and al-Madain, Samarra. 1,000 killed, 2,000 wounded in violence in Iraq in September. Militants have launched an open war in Iraq, seek to destabilize the central government. VIDEO

13 killed, 32 injured in north Iraq car bomb

October 13th, 2013
Categories: News, World, Middle East, Politics, Iraq


13 people killed, 32 injured, car bomb exploded in Iraq city of Samarra. Blast took place in crowded street Saturday as people were shopping for Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice, holiday. Iraq’s Interior Ministry: militants have launched open war in Iraq, want to push the Arab country into chaos.

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