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Monsanto to Cut 2,600 Jobs as GMO Seed Sales Fall

October 8th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Economic, Health


“Monsanto one of the world’s largest seed and agrichemical companies slashing 2,600 jobs. Sales of corn seeds Monsanto’s key products, fell 5 percent, sales at the company’s agricultural productivity unit, which includes Roundup herbicide, dropped 12 percent.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia: GMOs Aren’t Needed to Feed World

October 7th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Health


Russia has banned GMOs. Russian Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich stated that it is not necessary to use genetic modification to feed the world.

New report links thyroid cancer rise to Fukushima nuclear crisis

October 7th, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Health


Annual thyroid cancer incidence rates in Fukushima Prefecture from March 2011 through late last year were 20 to 50 times the national level; Toshihide Tsuda, professor of environmental epidemiology at Okayama University.

Bison is the Healthier Alternative to Beef and Consumers Love it

October 7th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Health


Bison is grass-fed and is leaner than beef while still providing an awesome taste. The meat also has lower cholesterol and fewer calories than beef, doesn’t have hormones, antibiotics.

Honeybees Are Facing a Global Threat, and If They Go, So Do We

October 6th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World


By pollinating crops around the world, honeybees feed more than 7 billion people today. Most of the food that we eat (and all of our cotton) is produced in part by the hard work of bees. The use of pesticides — neonicotinoids in particular, which are commonly used on corn, soybean, canola and cereal, as well as many fruits and vegetables — have killed an estimated 250 million bees in a just a few years

Spike in animal deformities on West Coast soon after Fukushima — Hundreds of baby cows with distorted legs or other malformations — Expert: “We know there’s more than that out there”… Problem may be more widespread than reported

October 6th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Health


Instances of the disease in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, limbs become distorted or the palate doesn’t close.

Time: Bizarre die-off along West Coast “an animal emergency” — Reuters: Record number of deaths declared Unusual Mortality Event by gov’t — Babies being found severely emaciated, sickened by parasites — Experts: “A big warning sign… this is just the tip o

October 6th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Health


Strange spike in fur seal deaths on California coast, they’re often starved nearly to death, some with organs and critical systems on the verge of shutting down. Dead and dying in record numbers.

After a Year of Lies, Michigan Governor Admits High Lead Levels in Tap Water

October 6th, 2015
Categories: Environment, Health


Flint’s tap water has contained double the amount of lead since the city switched its water source from Detroit to the Flint River to save money. The high lead content is caused by the more corrosive water coming into contact with service lines and city pipes, requiring stricter treatment than Flint is providing. Thursday, the Genesee County health department declared a public health emergency recommending that people avoid drinking the water unless it has been filtered and tested.

Monsanto’s Roundup, Glyphosate Found to Disturb Hormonal Balance

October 6th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Health


A group of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IIS) has researched the commonly used herbicide, Roundup, and found that it damages the endocrine system and disrupts hormonal balance in rats.

Two thirds of EU states reject GMO crops, file cultivation opt-out requests

October 5th, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Politics, Health


Two thirds of EU states have requested to be allowed to ban the growing of genetically modified crops in their countries, choosing the “opt-out” clause of a European Commission rule that allows members to override EU-wide GMO approvals. Nineteen European Union member states have requested opt-outs.

Wales Announces Complete Ban on GMOs with 15 other EU Countries Read more: Follow us: @naturalsociety on Twitter | NaturalSociety on Facebook

October 5th, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Politics, Health


The Welsh Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, Rebecca Evans, has announced that the country will take advantage of new EU rules allowing countries to opt out of growing EU-authorized GM crops. Evans says that the nation plans to ban GM corn as well as 7 other GM crops authorized by the EU.

Over Half of E.U. Countries Are Opting Out of GMOs

October 4th, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Politics, Health


Sixteen countries have alerted the European Union that they want to opt out of E.U.-approved GM crops. “A growing number of governments are rejecting the commission’s drive for GM crop approvals,

Your Radiation This Week No 24

October 4th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Health


All Radiation Counts reported are partial Counts. Uncounted types of radiation include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray radiation. Uncounted radiation, if added, makes the actual Count higher and more dangerous.

The highest radiation reporting city is listed first, the least radioactive city is listed last. All reporting cities are above normal.
Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]

CPM, 443.4 Times Normal, Billings, MT. Gamma, Beta.
1,624 CPM, 324.8 Times Normal, Omaha, NB Gamma, Beta.
1,617 CPM, 323.4 Times Normal, Pierre, SD Gamma, Beta.
1,599 CPM, 319.8 Times Normal, Kansas City, KA, Gamma, Beta.
1,580 CPM, 316 Times Normal, Champaign, IL Gamma, Beta.
1,528 CPM, 305.6 Times Normal, Worcester, MA. Gamma, Beta.
1,503 CPM, 300.6 Times Normal, Harrisburg, VA Gamma, Beta.
1,438 CPM, 287.6 Times Normal, Tulsa, OK Gamma, Beta.
1,409 CPM, 281.8 Times Normal, Portland, ME Gamma, Beta.
1,403 CPM, 280.6 Times Normal, Miami, FL. Gamma, Beta.
1,355 CPM, 271 Times Normal, Mason City, IA Gamma, Beta.
1,351 CPM, 270.2 Times Normal, Navajo Lake, NM Gamma, Beta.
1,322 CPM, 264.4 Times Normal, San Diego, CA Gamma, Beta.
1,274 CPM, 254.8 Times Normal, La Crosse, WI Gamma, Beta.
1,261 CPM, 252.2 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR Gamma, Beta.
1,257 CPM, 251.4
Times Normal, Charleston, WV. Gamma, Beta.
1,239 CPM, 247.8 Times Normal, Denver, CO. Gamma, Beta.
1,232 CPM, 237.6 Times Normal, Spokane, WA. Gamma, Beta.
1,214 CPM, 242.8 Times Normal, Kearney, NE Gamma, Beta.
1,211 CPM, 242.2 Times Normal, Rapid City, SD. Gamma, Beta.
1,194 CPM, 238.8 Times Normal, Baltimore, MA Gamma, Beta.
1,173 CPM, 234.6 Times Normal, Fresno, CA Gamma, Beta.
1,171 CPM, 234.2 Times Normal, Bakersfield, CA Gamma, Beta.
1,145 CPM, 229 Times Normal, Bismark, ND. Gamma, Beta.
1,085 CPM, 217 Times Normal, Tucson, AZ Gamma, Beta.
1,083 CPM, 215.6 Times Normal, Richmond, VA Gamma, Beta.
1,066 CPM, 213.2 Times Normal, Concord, NH Gamma, Beta.
1,056 CPM, 211.2 Times Normal, Hartford, CT Gamma, Beta.
1,030 CPM, 206 Times Normal, Wichita, KA. Gamma, Beta.
1,028 CPM, 205.6 Times Normal, Phoenix, AZ Gamma, Beta.
1,025 CPM, 205 Times Normal, Virginia Beach, VA Gamma, Beta.
1,015 CPM, 203 Times Normal, Atlanta, GA. Gamma, Beta.
1,010 CPM, 202 Times Normal, Pittsburgh, PA, Gamma, Beta.

Koch Brothers Backing Misleading Anti-Solar Campaign in Florida

October 4th, 2015
Categories: Environment, Economic, Politics


The Koch brothers and utility giants are bankrolling a ballot initiative in Florida to block the development of home solar and to protect the utilities' continuing oligopoly on energy generation in the Sunshine State.

GM Foods are Inherently Unsafe, Warns American Academy of Environmental Medicine

October 4th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Health


The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM): GM foods can cause multiple adverse health conditions including “infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system.” The AAEM has asked physicians to tell their patients to avoid GM foods.

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