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WHOI Erases Fukushima Pacific Contamination Data

November 10th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Politics, Police State, Health


The Woods Hole “Our Radioactive Ocean” project has erased years of Fukushima Pacific contamination data from their website. The website originally contained data from their 2011 monitoring voyage and data for each year up to 2015. As of today the website only contains data for 2013-2014 with some of the 2013 data near Hawaii now missing.

Overheated Planet Entering 'Unchartered Territory at Frightening Speed'

November 9th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Health


With new evidence that the concentration of greenhouse gases broke yet another record in 2014, the head of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned on Monday that the warming planet is hurtling "into unchartered territory at a frightening speed."

Monsanto Crops Decimated by Pests – Meanwhile, Nearby Non-GMO Crops Thriving

November 8th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Health


Monsanto crops that were decimated; the crop in the adjoining field, and another in the vicinity, showed far less whitefly infestation. In fact, in the adjoining field, farmer Yadvender Singh had sprayed no chemical pesticides at all. Instead, he had used biofertilisers and other non-chemical formulations.

Your Radiation This Week No 29

November 8th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Health


These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States.


*Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is One Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument.

All Radiation Counts reported are partial Counts. Uncounted types of radiation include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray radiation. Uncounted radiation, if added, makes the actual Count higher and more dangerous.

The highest radiation reporting city is listed first, the least radioactive city reporting is listed last. Still, all reporting cities are above normal. These are the American cities that exceeded 1,000 CPM this week.

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]
1,601 CPM, 320.2 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR Gamma, Beta.
1,553 CPM, 310.6 Times Normal, Colorado Springs, CO. Gamma, Beta.
1,412 CPM, 282.4 Times Normal, Miami, FL. Gamma, Beta.
1,363 CPM, 272.6 Times Normal, Raleigh, NC. Gamma, Beta.
1,307 CPM, 261.4 Times Normal, Kansas City, KS Gamma, Beta.
1,307 CPM, 261.4 Times Normal, Louisville, KY Gamma, Beta
1,283 CPM, 256.6 Times Normal, Navajo Lake, NM LastReading
1,277 CPM, 255.4 Times Normal, Worcester, MA. Gamma, Beta.
1,260 CPM, 252 Times Normal, Pierre, SD Gamma, Beta.
1,254 CPM, 250.8 Times Normal, Spokane, WA. Gamma, Beta.
1,238 CPM, 247.6 Times Normal, Champaign, IL Gamma, Beta.
1,210 CPM, 242 Times Normal, Fresno, CA Gamma, Beta.
1,208 CPM, 241.6 Times Normal, Amarillo, TX. Last Reading
1,205 CPM, 241 Times Normal, Harrisburg, VA. Gamma, Beta.
1,177 CPM, 235.4 Times Normal, Riverside, CA. Gamma, Beta.
1,168 CPM, 233.6 Times Normal, Tucson, AZ Gamma, Beta.
1,135 CPM, 227 Times Normal, Oklahoma City, OK. Gamma, Beta.
1,111 CPM, 222.2 Times Normal, Concord, NH Gamma, Beta.
1,107 CPM, 221.4 Times Normal, Tulsa, OK Gamma, Beta.
1,095 CPM, 219 Times Normal, Bakersfield, CA Gamma, Beta.
1,086 CPM, 217.2 Times Normal, Omaha, NE. Gamma, Beta.
1,082 CPM, 216.4 Times Normal, Billings, MT Gamma, Beta.
1,078 CPM, 215.6 Times Normal, Portland, ME Gamma, Beta.
1,058 CPM, 215.4 Times Normal, El Paso, TX. Gamma, Beta.
1,071 CPM, 214.2 Times Normal, Pittsburgh, PA, Gamma, Beta.
1,170 CPM, 214 Times Normal, Denver, CO. Gamma, Beta.
1,066 CPM, 213.2 Times Normal, San Diego, CA. Gamma. Beta.
1,046 CPM, 209.2 Times Normal, Charleston, WV. Gamma, Beta.
1,025 CPM, 205 Times Normal, Bismark, ND. Gamma, Beta.
1,020 CPM, 204 Times Normal, Atlanta, GA. Gamma, Beta.
1,014 CPM, 202.8 Times Normal, Idaho Falls, ID Gamma, Beta.
1,013 CPM, 202.6 Times Normal, Hartford, CT Gamma, Beta.
1,004 CPM, 200.8 Times Normal, Mason City, IA Gamma, Beta.
330 CPM, 66 Times Normal, Washington, DC. High Gamma, Beta.
107 CPM, 21.4 Times Normal, Washington, DC. Low Gamma, Beta.
Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]

Officials Secretly Added Cancer-Causing Chemicals to City’s Water Supply

November 8th, 2015
Categories: Environment, Politics, Health


City of Sacramento performed a water treatment experiment “to save money,” despite knowing that very process was creating carcinogens. The combination of excess chlorine and aluminum chlorohydrate ended up yielding carcinogenic toxins known as “DBPs” — disinfection byproducts.

New Zealand Releases Full Text of TPP (Monsanto’s Dream Trade Deal)

November 8th, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Economic, Politics, Police State, Health


The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released the full text of the ubiquitous Trans Pacific Trade Partnership deal. It would affect your Internet privacy, your ability to choose whether or not to eat GM food, and could even force multiple countries’ citizens to lose their rights for free speech or a fair trial for commodities traded between corporations.

Most of the Glyphosate Sprayed in CA is Applied in Poor Areas

November 7th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, Economic, Health


The Center for Biological Diversity, the Center for Environmental Health, El Quinto Sol de America, Californians for Pesticide Reform, the Center for Food Safety and the Pesticide Action Network released a report earlier this week that claims that more than half of the glyphosate sprayed in California is applied to the state’s 8 most impoverished counties.

Why Andrew Cuomo's Pollinator Task Force Won't Save New York's Bees

November 6th, 2015
Categories: Environment, Politics, Health


At the first meeting of the New York State's Pollinator Task Force (Aug 6 2015), commercial beekeeper Jim Doan was flabbergasted to learn that state officials had appointed two representatives of the national pesticide industry to the 12-member panel. Bumblebee (Bombus affinis), once common in New York and the Northeastern US, is now a candidate for the endangered species act.

Life span of U.S. reactors is an issue for the Clean Power Plan

November 6th, 2015
Categories: Environment, Politics, Health


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will update by year's end proposed guidelines for assessing the safe life span for nuclear reactors -- a central issue for the nuclear industry, the nation's future electric power supply and the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan. The new guidance is linked to NRC's current judgment that there are as yet no "aging" issues with reactors' structures and components that would prevent current plants from being licensed out to 80 years of age.

Iran bans US consumer goods

November 6th, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Middle East, Iran


On Thursday, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh directed a blockade of American consumer goods, Press TV reports.

Mexico's high court blocks planting of GM soya

November 5th, 2015
Categories: Nature, Environment, World, Politics, Health


Mexico's Supreme Court has blocked a move by the nation's agriculture ministry to allow genetically modified soya seeds to be planted in two states.

Former Japan Ambassador: Uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions could be underway at Fukushima — “Troubling indications of recurring criticality” as Tellurium-132 detected over 100 miles from plant — ‘Recriticality’ discussed by Japan’s top nuclear official

November 5th, 2015
Categories: Environment, World, Science, Health


The former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhei Murata, recently suggested that Japan should stage an ‘honorable retreat’ from hosting the 2020 Olympics due to the unpredictable situation at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. Danger still posed by large numbers of spent fuel rods suspended in spent fuel pools in reactors 1, 2 and 3 [which] can’t be removed from the damaged reactor buildings due to the high levels of radioactivity surrounding these reactors.

US to Equip Coast Guard, Customs Personnel With Radiation Detectors

November 5th, 2015
Categories: Environment


DHS announced that the US nuclear detection office awarded a multimillion dollar contract to provide wearable radiation detector devices to the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, and Transportation Security Administration.

Senate backs resolution to get rid of EPA clean water rules

November 4th, 2015
Categories: Environment, Politics


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has voted for a resolution calling for scrapping new federal rules to protect smaller streams, tributaries and wetlands from development and pollution.

US Government Secretly Buried Nuclear Waste Near Playground — And Thousands Now Have Cancer

November 4th, 2015
Categories: Environment, Health


A government contractor buried tens of thousands of barrels of nuclear waste in two sites around St. Louis that may have caused more than 2,700 cases of cancer, a lawsuit and CBS News are alleging.

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