‘Super sherpa’ says climate change may make Mount Everest unclimbable

February 26th, 2012
Categories: News, Environment
Climate change is altering the face of the Himalayas, devastating farming communities and making Mount Everest increasingly treacherous to climb, some of the world’s top mountaineers have warned. Apa Sherpa, the Nepali climber who has conquered Mount… more »

CIA Admits Using "News To Manipulate US Public Opinion - Video

February 26th, 2012
Categories: News, Police State
Clip showing admittance of the CIA that they use the mainstream media to manipulate the thoughts and ideas of American citizens in the USA. more »

Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces From Japan

February 26th, 2012
Categories: News, Environment
Tokyo Radiation Level 25 Times the Fukushima Mandatory Evacuation Zone (San Francisco) Widely known Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa, the publisher of the EU AIPRI Blog and an eminent chemical physicist, announced today his latest calculations of deadly… more »

20 Economic Statistics To Use To Wake Sheeple Up From Their Entertainment-Induced Comas

February 26th, 2012
Categories: News, Economic
The Dow has closed above 13,000 for the first time since 2008, and the mainstream media is declaring that a strong economic recovery is underway. Barack Obama is telling anyone who will listen that his economic policies are a huge success, and U.S.… more »

Meet the Governors Behind "State-Rape" Transvaginal Ultrasound Laws (It's Not Just Virginia)

February 26th, 2012
Categories: News, Politics, Police State, Health
And why, why, why did Bob McDonnell, the governor of the great state of Virginia, a man on every Republican presidential hopeful's short list for vice-president ever feel he needed to? "But wait!" you say, "Bob McDonnell backed off his support for this… more »

Totalitarian Collectivism - Inverted Totalitarianism and the Corporate State

February 26th, 2012
Categories: News
"The privatization of public services and functions manifests the steady evolution of corporate power into a political form, into an integral, even dominant partner with the state." -- Sheldon S. Wolin. Stricken with a terminal disease, the decline of… more »

7 Dangerous Lies About Plastic

February 26th, 2012
Categories: News, Health
To date, we use over 248,000 chemicals in commerce and we don't know which ones are harmful or safe. Why? Because the vast amount of research on plastics we use in our lives comes from the plastic industry. Much of the plastic we see on a daily basis we… more »

Popular Media Personality: The U.S. Has the Moral Authority to Annihilate Iran Because They’re Evil - Video

February 26th, 2012
Categories: News, Middle East, War
Tucker Carlson says that the U.S. has the moral authority to annihilate Iran because they’re evil. more »

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