U.S. Fueling Human Rights Abuses in Colombia in Violation of Its Own Laws

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, War, Politics, Police State

Link: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30360.htm

The U.S. remains the most influential foreign actor in Colombia. In 2011 it provided approximately US $562 million in aid, about 61 percent of which was military and police aid. Thirty percent of US military aid is subject to human rights conditions, which the US Department of State has not enforced. The Colombian military has been guilty of more than 3,000 extrajudicial killings of civilians in what is known as the "false positive" scandal wherein "army personnel murdered civilians and reported them as combatants killed in action, apparently in response to pressure to boost body counts." This "pressure to boost body counts," moreover, is coming ultimately from the U.S.paramilitary successor groups continue to grow, maintain extensive ties with public security force members and local officials, and commit widespread atrocities. There has also been ongoing violence against rights defenders, community leaders, and trade unionists.Colombia's national police chief publicly stated that such groups are the largest source of violence in Colombia.

Neoliberalism and the End Of Shorter Work Hours

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, Economic

Link: http://www.socialistproject.ca/bullet/590.php

While in previous crises shorter work hours were discussed as a measure to combat growing unemployment, an astonishing feature of the current economic downturn from 2007 on was that work time reductions were nowhere on the political agenda. Not even in France and Germany, the champions of shorter work hours, both introducing a partial 35-hour week in the face of high unemployment in the 1980s and 1990s, was this the case. This is the more remarkable as temporary short-time working applied during the crisis in several European countries actually proved that shorter hours are a viable tool to prevent unemployment (even if still leaving mounting inequalities from capitalism still in place).[1]

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people" - John Adams - Second President - 1797 - 1801

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, World, Middle East, War, Iraq

Link: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/index.html

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590", Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801, Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan: 2,87, Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan $1,295,667,663,671, For more details, click here. "All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting." - George Orwell

Tehran Pushes to Ditch the US Dollar

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, World, Middle East, Economic, Politics, Iran

Link: http://www.geopoliticalmonitor.com/tehran-pushes-to-ditch-the-us-dollar-4591/

There is another downside, a potential threat now lurking in the shadows. The value of the US dollar is determined in large part by the fact that oil is sold in US dollars. If that trade shifts to a different currency, countries around the world won't need all their US money. The resulting sell-off of US dollars would weaken the currency dramatically.Everybody says the US goes to war to protect its oil supplies, but doesn't it really go to war to ensure the continuation of the petrodollar system? Iran may be isolated from the United States and Western Europe, but Tehran still has some pretty staunch allies. Iran and Venezuela are advancing $4 billion worth of joint projects, including a bank. India has pledged to continue buying Iranian oil because Tehran has been a great business partner for New Delhi, which struggles to make its payments. Greece opposed the EU sanctions because Iran was one of very few suppliers that had been letting the bankrupt Greeks buy oil on credit. South Korea and Japan are pleading for exemptions from the coming embargoes because they rely on Iranian oil. Economic ties between Russia and Iran are getting stronger every year.Iran's energy resources are a matter of national security for China.

This Is a Test... (And Too Many Americans Are Failing)

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, Economic, Politics

Link: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2012/01/24-9

We’re being tested. Republican politicians and pundits are busy testing the American public, trying to assess how ignorant and distracted we are. While they already have a pretty good idea, they’re determined to get a precise reading. Testing is vitally important to these people because, if the United States is to be turned into a plutocracy, our collective ignorance is an absolute necessity.

Drowning In Hypocrisy: War Abroad, Austerity at Home

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, Middle East, War, Politics, Iran

Link: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=28863

The US government is so full of self-righteousness that it has become a caricature of hypocrisy. Leon Panetta, a former congressman who Obama appointed CIA director and now head of the Pentagon, just told the sailors on the USS Enterprise, an aircraft carrier, that the US is maintaining a fleet of 11 aircraft carriers in order to project sea power against Iran and to convince Iran that “it’s better for them to try to deal with us through diplomacy.” If it requires 11 aircraft carriers to deal with Iran, how many will Panetta need to project power against Russia and China? But to get on with the main point, Iran has been trying “to deal with us through diplomacy.” The response from Washington has been belligerent threats of military attack, unfounded and irresponsible accusations that Iran is making a nuclear weapon, sanctions and an oil embargo. But it is in the War Crimes Arena where Washington shows the greatest hypocrisy. The self-righteous bigots in Washington are forever rounding up heads of weak states whose countries were afflicted by civil wars and sending them off to be tried as war criminals. All the while Washington indiscriminately kills large numbers of civilians in six or more countries, dismissing its own war crimes as “collateral damage.” Washington violates its own law and international law by torturing people.

Mitch Daniels' State of the Union Response Shows GOP Priority: Beating Up on Workers

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News

Link: http://www.alternet.org/story/153886/mitch_daniels_state_of_the_union_response_shows_gop_priority_beating_up_on_workers

Daniels’ response was the first to be delivered from a building surrounded by dozens of police cars and chanting activists, protesting his latest anti-union move.

India to pay gold instead of dollars for Iranian oil. Oil and gold markets stunned

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, World, Middle East, Economic, Iran

Link: http://debka.com/article/21673/

India is the first buyer of Iranian oil to agree to pay for its purchases in gold instead of the US dollar, debkafile's intelligence and Iranian sources report exclusively. Those sources expect China to follow suit. India and China take about one million barrels per day, or 40 percent of Iran's total exports of 2.5 million bpd. Both are superpowers in terms of gold assets. By trading in gold, New Delhi and Beijing enable Tehran to bypass the upcoming freeze on its central bank's assets and the oil embargo which the European Union's foreign ministers agreed to impose Monday, Jan. 23. The EU currently buys around 20 percent of Iran's oil exports.

Jewish Imperial News

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, Zionism

Link: http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/jewish-imperial-news.html

This last weekend brought with it some vile manifestations of Jewish politics in its most horrific forms. United Against the Goyim. In the USA, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu should consider ordering a Mossad hit team to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama so that his successor will defend Israel

Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, Economic, Politics

Link: http://netrightdaily.com/2011/04/iceland-declares-independence-from-international-banks/#ixzz1kIn6fmVA

Iceland is free. And it will remain so, so long as her people wish to remain autonomous of the foreign domination of her would-be masters — in this case, international bankers.These were private banks and we didn’t pump money into them in order to keep them going; the state did not shoulder the responsibility of the failed private banks,” Iceland President Olafur Grimsson told Bloomberg Television.“Taxpayers should not be responsible for paying the debts of a private institution,”

Have Israel’s “inner circles” discussed assassinating President Obama?

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, World, Zionism, Politics

Link: http://www.deliberation.info/have-israels-inner-circles-discussed-assassinating-president-obama/

hYes, you read correctly’. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If you have thought of this Tom-Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?”o/

The Right to Bear Arms: Over 10,800,000 Guns Sold in the USA in 2011

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, Politics

Link: http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/the-right-to-bear-arms-over-10800000-guns-sold-in-the-usa-in-2011_01212012/print/

The United Nations may think [1] they’re weapons of mass destruction, but Americans seem to disagree. 2011 was yet another record breaking year for gun sales, with Americans purchasing some 10.8 million firearms, a 14% increase over the previous year and up over 50% from ten years ago as reported by the National Shooting Sports Foundation .As sales climb, recent FBI data shows violent crime continuing to fall [4] in the United States, with homicides dropping out of the top 15 causes of death in the country. The statistics undermine a favorite argument of anti-gun groups that “more guns equal more crime.” “These statistics vividly demonstrate that the lawful possession and use of firearms by law-abiding Americans does not cause crime,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. “There have never been more firearms in civilian possession in the history of the United States, and crime, including homicide, continues to decline throughout the country.”

‘Repression May Lead to Revolt’

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, World, Politics, Police State

Link: http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=106507

The Left Front is an ideological movement that stands for social justice and the fair distribution of resources among the entire population. Today Russia is run by a clan around the President (Dmitry Medvedev) and the Prime Minister (Vladimir Putin), and we have a situation in which elites representing 10 percent of the population control 90 percent of the resources, while the vast majority lives in poverty. This is the critical problem of contemporary Russia. What we want to see is broader public participation in the management of natural resources, transport, industry and all other strategic fields. We want a direct democracy, where the people would have their say through fair and transparent referendums, where they could interact with authorities using the Internet, where they could have a say in social reforms. We are not nostalgic about the Soviet Union, we do not argue for a return to a centrally planned economy where social iniative was stifled, but we do want to preserve what was good in the Soviet system .Citizens with low political education are not able to distinguish the truth,

Political Prisoners Facing Oppression By Robert Stefanicki

January 25th, 2012
Categories: News, World, Politics, Police State

Link: http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=106524

"I had to fight to be treated like a human, not animal," dissident Nikolai Avtukhovich wrote from prison. Last month Avtukhovich, Belarusian political activist and entrepreneur, convicted to five years in the penal colony for illegal storage of five cartridges for a hunting rifle, cut his veins.

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