Now There's Even a 'Progressive' Plan to Gut Social Security

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Politics
The folks trying to slash Social Security face enormous political opposition and have no good argument for their case. They're going to have to lie, cheat, steal to do it. The insiders in Washington really really want to cut Social Security, and they… more »

Health Authorities Want Depression-Causing Drugs Added To Water Supply

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Police State, Health
Health authorities are pushing for drugs to be added to public water supplies that cause depression and memory loss, as a new study shows that the dangers of statins have been deliberately underplayed by drug companies, in a chilling throwback to how… more »

US should recognise Palestine

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Palestine, Politics
If the US is serious about peace, it should follow the current trend and recognise Palestinian statehood in 2011. The Obama administration should follow suit with the Latin American trend and recognise a Palestinian state in 2011, in order to get the… more »

Israel discharges soldier over raid

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Palestine, Zionism
Commando who took part in botched raid that killed sleeping Palestinian man dismissed from service. The 67-year-old Palestinian man was shot dead while asleep in his bed during the botched raid. Video -… more »

Beware Of The Patriot Pied Pipers

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Politics
“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there… more »

Glenn Beck Targets Frances Fox Piven

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News
On the afternoon of January 6, Frances Fox Piven, a distinguished professor, legendary activist, writer and longtime contributor to this magazine, received an e-mail from an unknown correspondent. There was no text, just a subject line that read: DIE… more »

Satanist Insider: "The Party is Beginning!"

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Economic, Politics
America is an increasingly dark place and this will continue apace. "Change that you can believe in!" A little more change and Americans will be able to buy a coffee. Europe and Asia will follow almost in lockstep. We're coming up to the tenth… more »

Christ & the Maya Calendar: 2012 & the Coming of the Antichrist

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Environment
One of the many marvelous things about Reality Sandwich is that it takes quite seriously the significance of dreams and other forms of visionary experience. Indeed, visionary experience is at the very heart of this community. The most talked about… more »

How the Power of Myth Keeps Us Mired in War - Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, War, Politics
When I try to figure out why we are still in Afghanistan, though every ounce of logic says we ought to get out, an unexpected conversation I had last year haunts me. Doing neighborhood political canvassing, I knocked on the door of a cheerful man who… more »

Halfway Through Term, Obama Still Hasn’t Earned His Nobel Prize

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Politics
When President Obama took office, he vowed to repair the damage done to America’s moral standing on the global stage. You may have hoped that human rights would become an organizing principle of our foreign policy. That the U.S. would finally try to… more »

12 Economic Collapse Scenarios That We Could Potentially See In 2011

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Economic
What could cause an economic collapse in 2011? Well, unfortunately there are quite a few "nightmare scenarios" that could plunge the entire globe into another massive financial crisis. The United States, Japan and most of the nations in Europe are… more »

Senior policeman who 'tortured' suspects into confessions facing up to 30 years in jail

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Police State
Victims of injustice suffocated and electrocuted into admitting crimes of armed robbery and murder. A decorated Chicago police lieutenant who apparently put plastic bags over suspects heads and stuck guns in their mouths to extract confessions should… more »

Nearly 90 Percent of Germans Do Not Believe Official 9/11 Fairy Tale

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, 9-11
According to a survey conducted by TNS Emnid, one of the largest polling institutes in Germany, nearly 90 percent of Germans do not believe the U.S. government explanation of what happened on September 11, 2001. more »

Tiny amounts of Oil-Corexit cocktail are poisonous

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News, Environment
Washington's blog is again weighing in to raise awareness among what appears a sleeping public about the crime against humanity and planet unfolding, the Gulf of Mexico operation. The well circulated"blog" has re-emphazied the mega human rights… more »

An American Suicide Terrorist

January 20th, 2011
Categories: News
The shooter of Congresswoman Giffords acted as a domestic suicide terrorist on the political "battleground" of American politics. His YouTube postings and "goodbye" phone messages are ominously reminiscent of the traditional farewell videos of Islamist… more »

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