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New Jobless Claims Jumped to 496,000 as Heavy Snow Caused Rise in Layoffs

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Economic
The number of new claims for unemployment benefits jumped unexpectedly last week as heavy snows caused layoffs to rise. The number of new claims for unemployment benefits jumped unexpectedly last week as heavy snows caused layoffs to rise. In addition,… more »

HRW slams Obama's rights records

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Police State
Obama has been criticized for his failure to deliver on his promise for the closure of the notorious Guantanamo prison. Human Rights Watch has blasted US President Barack Obama's change in "rhetoric" rather than "policies" as US transfers more… more »

PAKISTAN: Smoke-free Stoves A Godsend for Village Women

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News
Forty-something and unlettered, Sona Siddiqi never imagined she would become the most sought-after woman in her village of Ramzan Katiar. Here in the Union Council Gharo of Thatta district in Sindh province, some 125 kilometres from the southern port… more »

#1. Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation in Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, War, Politics, Iraq
Over one million Iraqis have met violent deaths as a result of the 2003 invasion, according to a study conducted by the prestigious British polling group, Opinion Research Business (ORB). These numbers suggest that the invasion and occupation of Iraq… more »

Australia warns Israel over 'fraud'

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Zionism
Australia has delivered a stark diplomatic warning to Israel, demanding its full cooperation with an investigation into the reported use of three Australian passports by the alleged assassins involved in last month's killing of a top Hamas commander in… more »

Skewing the Health Care Debate

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Health
President Obama met on Thursday with the glitterati of Capitol Hill in a much-ballyhooed confab on health care reform, and more specifically, the health of his current health care reform proposal. I was supposed to use this space to describe the details… more »

With no modification and little debate, Democrats send Patriot Act extension to Obama

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Police State
Kucinich jeers: Congress is 'complicit' in violating Americans' constitutional rights. In the wake of congressional Democrats' reauthorization and extension of the USA Patriot Act, few elected Democrats have been as vocal about the post-9/11 security… more »

The Road to Armageddon

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Police State
The Washington Times is a newspaper that looks with favor upon the Bush/Cheney/Obama/neocon wars of aggression in the Middle East and favors making terrorists pay for 9/11. Therefore, I was surprised to learn on February 24 that the most popular story… more »

Researcher claims that Israel experiments on prisoners, causes cancer

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Palestine, Zionism
The Israeli occupation forces have been accused by a Palestinian Researcher of carrying out "thousands of experiments on Palestinian prisoners every year" which have lead to an increase in the number diagnosed with cancer. The specialist in Palestinian… more »

Orca Resistance at Sea World The Struggle of Nootka and Tilikum

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Nature
Editors' Note: Counterpunches can be landed in a variety of ways. In November 2006, Kasatka, the Sea World Orca, attempted to drown her trainer. Yesterday, it was Tilikum’s turn—killing his aquarium trainer. This fall, Fear of the Animal Planet: The… more »

Paul, Bernanke, Waxman and $12 billion in cash squandered

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Economic
It was an exchange largely ignored by the corporate media. Rep. Ron Paul asked Fed mob boss Ben Bernanke about $12 billion in cash. Paul said “a lot of cash was passed through — and a lot of people suppose it was passed through the Federal Reserve —… more »

If Barack Obama fails today, we’ll all be swept away

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Politics, Health
You may not have noticed, but today is a very important day for US politics, world economic prospects and even for the global balance of power between Western democracy and benign dictatorship along Chinese lines. Why? Because today marks either the… more »

US refuses to endorse British sovereignty in Falklands oil dispute

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Politics
Washington refused to endorse British claims to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands yesterday as the diplomatic row over oil drilling in the South Atlantic intensified in London, Buenos Aires and at the UN. more »

Blackwater guards stole weapons in Kabul and went on deadly rampage

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Afghanistan
Private American security guards working for the US military in Afghanistan removed hundreds of handguns and automatic weapons from stores intended for the exclusive use of the Afghan police and used them on drunken shooting rampages that killed two… more »

Nato admits that deaths of 8 boys were a mistake

February 25th, 2010
Categories: News, Afghanistan
A night-time raid in eastern Afghanistan in which eight schoolboys from one family were killed was carried out on the basis of faulty intelligence and should never have been authorised, a Times investigation has found. more »

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