Israeli assassinations: crime against humanity?

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Zionism
US, February 21, 2010 (Pal Telegraph)-Dominating the world news, even in the United States, is the Al-Mabhouh assassination. Israel has a long history of engaging in targeted killings and assassinations, so why has this one sparked media frenzy? Many… more »

UK plans first nuclear fusion power plant

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Science
BRITISH scientists have drawn up plans to build the world’s first nuclear fusion power station. They say it could be pouring electricity into the National Grid within 20 years. Nuclear fusion, the power that lies at the heart of the sun, offers the… more »

Deep secrets: Former cold war agent gagged by the CIA Project Azorian: the salvage of a Soviet Golf-II submarine

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News
HE remembers the women sunbathing naked on the deck of a passing yacht. He remembers, too, the lurking menace of a Russian intelligence-gathering trawler, watching from afar as one of the most audacious American coups of the cold war unfolded on the… more »

Q&A: "We Have a Take-Make-Waste Economy"

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Environment, Economic
To halt the planet's declining biodiversity and loss of critical natural resources, both the economy we live in and communication about science needs to be changed profoundly, says a prominent Dutch ecologist. more »

From God to Gaia to Obama's Nuclear Apocalypse

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Politics
Thirty years ago, driving across the hill country in the South, every 50 miles I’d pick up a new Pentecostal radio station with the preacher screaming in tongues in a torrent of ecstatic drivel – “Miki taki meka keena ko-o-ola ka” – the harsh consonants… more »

What It’s Like to Chill Out With Ratko MLadic, Radovan Karadzic & GOran Hadiz

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, War
What It’s Like to Chill Out With Whom the World Considers the Most Ruthless Men in the World Ratko Mladic, Radovan Karadzic and Goran Hadzic (+) Confessions of a Female War Crimes Investigator... considered the world’s most ruthless war criminal since… more »

CNN Broadcasts Major Cyber War Game Propaganda

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Police State
CNN rolled out a slick propaganda presentation this evening. It is called “Cyber Shockwave” and it posits a cyber attack on the United States. CNN will air a two-hour production, We Were Warned: Cyber Shockwave, based upon exclusive television access to… more »

Israel PM 'signed off' on Dubai hit

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Zionism
Hamas officials said al-Mabhouh may have created a "security breach" that led to his death. Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, is alleged to have given the green light for last month's assassination of a senior Hamas figure, according to a… more »

Wealth Disparities in U.S. Approaching 1920s Levels

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Economic
What a time to be an oligarch! All I wanted to do was vomit when I saw this. Folks, there is no way we can have economic prosperity in this country when the top 1% has all of the money. The middle class is basically being destroyed right in front of our… more »

US Concerned by Threat of Domestic Extremists

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Police State
U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says authorities are becoming more concerned about American citizens or legal residents becoming involved in terrorist plots against the United States. more »

Rahm's Parting Shot at Obama Insiders

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Politics
It looks Rahm Emanuel is done. Dana Milbank transcribed an article written by Rahm Emanuel today in The Washington Post. Never has an article been more clearly written to support a political benefactor. more »

How a hobbit is rewriting the history of the human race

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Science
The discovery of the bones of tiny primitive people on an Indonesian island six years ago stunned scientists. Now, further research suggests that the little apemen, not Homo erectus, were the first to leave Africa and colonise other parts of the world,… more »

The Bankruptcy Boys

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Economic, Politics
O.K., the beast is starving. Now what? That’s the question confronting Republicans. But they’re refusing to answer, or even to engage in any serious discussion about what to do. For readers who don’t know what I’m talking about: ever since Reagan, the… more »

Walled In, Disappearing: The Story of Al-Nu'man

February 21st, 2010
Categories: News, Middle East
Imagine being a 5 year-old, like Sulaiman Jamal. In order for Jamal to get to school in the morning, hell – snow – or sunshine, he must walk around 4 kilometres to get to school because his school bus can't get anywhere close to his house. And since he… more »

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