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Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity by Stephen Lendman

November 12th, 2013

Review by Sweet Pea #2

"Stephen Lendman strikes to the heart of Wall Street/government collusion to protect the powerful and drive ordinary Americans into the Third World ditch.

Here’s some straight talk on unaffordable health care, unrepayable student debt, bankrupt cities, money printing madness, trillion dollar tax havens, IMF financial terrorism, the austerity hoax, banksters’ market-rigging thievery, and the domestic police, media and legislative repression set to keep all that in place." - claritypress.com

Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity 5.0 out of 5 stars read this or be the victim of the next bankers heist

RARELY, do I feel so motivated to "spread the word" about a book! This clarion call to action is a must for anyone who doesn't want to be a disastrous victim of the next depression. It is coming, make NO mistake! Just review the sad story of Greece and see the future in store for the U.S. Mr. Lendman's concise, no fluff tome reveals what the global bankers are putting the finishing touches to.

Cypress is another harbinger of just how despotic these insatiable greedy gargoyles truly are! One morning, the poor people of Cypress awoke to find their bank accounts pilfered due to a "National economic emergency" and instantly became the lowest of lower classes, while the bankers laughed all the way to their pirate hide outs in the Cayman Islands,etc. Think it can't happen here, congress, that bastion of lobbyists largesse recently, quietly passed legislation that will make that very national robbery a slicker, easier theft! The chapter headings in this book alone reveal the prescient topics that you surely will never see or hear in the bought and paid for media: Class war in America, Trillions Stashed in Tax Havens, Money-Printing Madness, Hard Right Extremism in America and Europe, and Big Win for Predatory Healthcare Giants.

I hope people will take heed to Mr. Ledman's remedy to the parasitical feast on the average citizen that has destroyed so many lives. His remedy isn't to give more to the Siamese twin parties, or to write your congressman who is probably on the take and could really care less, except to send you a form letter extolling his "fightin' for the little guy charade." No, we've been there, done that! Mr. Ledman basically says shoes on the ground in protests and declarations of a citizenry who KNOWS what the game truly is to; reduce the nation to a serf/overlord populace.

Doubt this facts or conclusions? Just take a look at the MASSIVE wealth transfer from the middle to the upper class since the 70's and take heed. If you weren't a victim of '08, you will be in the next gargantuan robbery!


"Stephen Lendman has been tireless in exposing the hidden forces behind the news, on everything from political economy and human rights to social justice and workers’ rights. His writings draw from a wealth of knowledge and deep conviction. I’m delighted to see him tackle the problem of private banking and government collusion and what I believe is the key to the solution—public banking." ELLEN BROWN, Web of Debt

"Steve Lendman is one of America’s leading critics,whether it involves exposing collusion between Wall Street and Washington, the Obama regime’s support of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, or the frame-up of Muslim citizens by the attorney general. Fearless,thoroughly documented and judicious in his judgement, Lendman’s essays are a major contribution to the struggle for social justice in America." JAMES PETRAS, Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire

About the Author

Stephen Lendman is a writer and broadcaster. In early 2007 he began regular radio hosting, now The Progressive Radio News Hour on The Progressive Radio Network.

His work is exceedingly widely distributed online, with his articles carried on numerous listservs and websites such as Information Clearing House, Countercurrents, Rense, AltNews, Uruknet, Global Research, Counterpunch, and more.

Lendman was awarded the Mexican Press Club's International Investigatory Journalism Award in 2011. The awards ceremony was televised throughout Latin America.

A Chinese edition of his book, How Wall Street Fleeces America has just been released.

He holds a BA from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton.

Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity

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