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Citizens and health care providers will risk arrest at health insurance offices in nine cities across the country on Thursday

October 14th, 2009

from Kevin Zeese

Civil disobedience is part of a national mobilization to end insurance abuse and win real health care reform

Contact: Lacy MacAuley, (202) 445-4692,
Katie Robbins, Healthcare-NOW! (330) 618-6379,
Kai Newkirk, Mobilization for Health Care for All, (310) 703-3046,
Kevin Zeese, Prosperity Agenda, 301-996-6582,

Washington DC – Citizens and health care providers are participating in sit-ins at health insurance offices in nine cities across the country on Thursday to call for real reform that addresses the real cause of the health care crisis, the insurance companies. Within the past 16 days, over 700 people have signed up to risk arrest by sitting down in an insurance company office and refusing to leave, demanding the immediate approval of lifesaving doctor-recommended treatment and an end to denial of care.

Thursday, October 15, 2009 – SCHEDULE OF SIT-INS

  1. New York, NY, 10am EST, United HealthGroup / 1 Penn Plaza / 10119
    Contact: Omar Kutty / / 773-576-2559
  2. Washington, DC, 10am EST, Wellpoint / 655 15th St NW
    Contact: Kevin Zeese / / 301-996-6582
  3. Palm Beach, FL, 11:30am EST, Humana / 2056 Vista Pkwy
    Contact: Rick Ford / / 561-601-9150
  4. Boston, MA, 12:00p EST, Cigna Office / 2223 Washington St / 02462
    Contact Ben Day / 617-723-7001 /
  5. Cleveland, OH, 10am Central, Medical Mutual / 2060 E 9th St / 44115
    Contact: Drew Smith / / 330-703-0556
  6. Portland, OR, 10am, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield / 100 SW Market / 97201
    Contact: Chris Lowe / 503-788-2543 (preferred) 503-913-3980 /
  7. Phoenix, AZ, 4-6p, United Healthcare / 2390 E. Camelback Road Suite 300 / 85016
    Contact: Dan O'Neal / 480-650-0746 /
  8. Los Angeles, CA, 10am, Anthem Blue Cross / 801 S. Figueroa St. / 90017
    Contact: Sam Pullen / / 760-275-7874
  9. Reno, NV, 11am , United Healthcare 5190 Neil Road #420 / 89502
    Contact: Lisa Stiller 775-232-2823 / 775-746-1313 /

The actions are the start of a national movement, coordinated by the group Mobilization for Health Care for All, of people who are fed up with the state of health care in this country, fed up with the state of the health care debate in this country, and are putting themselves on the line for real health care reform. Chanting messages such as "patients not profits," participants in the actions are expected to say that insurance companies that deny people the care that they need for profit are the real death panels. They will show that the legislation currently in the limelight fails to address the real problem, the insurance companies.

The mobilization was launched two weeks ago when 17 people were arrested at an Aetna office in downtown New York City (read New York Times city blog write-up). Last week, 7 were arrested at a Cigna office in downtown Chicago (see Associated Press article). (View videos of New York sit-in and Chicago sit-in on YouTube.)

"The health care bill being voted on this week is a giveaway to the insurance industry," said Kevin Zeese, executive director of Prosperity Agenda, one of the groups that launched the national mobilization. "If it were passed, tens of millions of Americans will be forced to buy overpriced insurance, which will result in hundreds of billions in new annual revenue for the insurance industry and continued deaths and suffering due to insurance abuse and denials."

National efforts are part of the Patients Not Profit campaign of the Mobilization for Health Care for All. The mobilization was launched by several national organizations. the actions are coordinated in cooperation with local groups based in each city and give people an outlet for their frustration and even outrage about insurance company abuse. The groups advocate for Medicare for All, a public single payer health care plan that expands Medicare to cover everyone.

"This will be one of the largest campaigns of nonviolent civil disobedience since the civil rights movement," stated Kai Newkirk, national coordinator for the Mobilization for Health Care for All. "It's just beginning and will continue and build until the insurance companies no longer stand between us and the care we need."

# # #

For more information:
Mobilization for Health Care for All Mobilization for Health Care for All

View our Facebook Page
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September 17th, 2009


Review and Sign Petition:

Petition to Investigate Israeli Illegal Trafficking in Organs of Dead and Kidnapped Palestinian Victims

Now it is the turn of the dead, kidnapped and killed Palestinians. Their human organs, as reported in the press, can be a source of immense wealth through illegal trafficking in the world market. Israeli physicians, Medical Centres, rabbis and the Israeli army may to be involved, according to reports published in the Swedish press and criminal investigations in the United States. After Israeli physicians remove organs they think marketable, the soldiers bury the bodies in graves that carry only numbers and no names, or place them in sealed caskets and deliver them under curfew conditions to the families and supervise the digging of the graves and burial.

We call upon physicians, Medical centres and associations everywhere to condemn and boycott Israeli physicians and medical centres;

We call upon civil societies, human rights organisations and individuals, Christian, Jewish, Moslem and all other faiths, to condemn this practice and demand its immediate cessation;

We call upon the Secretary General of the United Nations to report the matter to the Security Council and demand that it be referred to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court of Justice for action;

We call upon the Human Rights Council to extend the remit of its Special Fact Finding Commission to conduct urgent investigation of this, the latest of Israel’s violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people and the violation of the international humanitarian law and international law;

We call upon States Party to the Geneva Conventions and the Security Council to impose sanctions on Israel for its persistent violation of its obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention;

Please visit the link and Read the rest of the petition and sign it:

5 route des Morillons, CP 2100. 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland


Glenn Beck has gone too far by calling President Obama a racist, tell his advertisers to "just say no" to hate!

September 15th, 2009

from Drew

We all know that cable news can be loud and annoying - like when Fox News host Glenn Beck called President Obama "a racist" with "a deeply seated hatred of white people."1 But now that Beck's character assassinations are beginning to impact the real world, things are getting dangerous and we need to act.

Last week, Beck claimed credit for getting Van Jones - a senior African American advisor to the President and our nation's first Green Jobs czar - to resign.2 And he's still on the warpath, spouting wild conspiracy theories and vitriolic attacks almost every night on his program.3

Nobody's denying Beck's right to free speech. But there need to be consequences for people like Beck who use the platform of cable news to destroy our ability to have a real debate about the environment, health care and the economy.

Fortunately, our friends at Color of Change have an answer. They're hitting Beck and Fox News where it hurts - in their wallet. Color of Change already has cut Beck's ad revenue in half. Sign their petition today, and force Fox to consider how much it's worth to keep Beck's poison on the air.

So far more than 200,000 people have signed the petition asking advertisers not to support Beck. 62 corporations have listened and moved more than $500,000 worth of advertising away from his show.

In response, Beck got nastier. Lashing out at Green-Jobs Czar Van Jones, NEA official Yosi Sergant and others for being too liberal, too close to Obama or too ideologically impure.4 Beck has made it clear he's determined to create an atmosphere in which the White House can accomplish nothing, and he's doing it partly by launching vicious smear campaigns on Obama's advisers.

But with Fox sacrificing more than half a million ad dollars a week to Beck's vitriol, there's a chance to turn this around. It's a simple matter of supply and demand: If there's no advertising demand for Beck's show, the network will have to shut him down or shut him up to cover their costs. And in the process we'll send an important message to the cable news networks that facts and tone still matter in reporting.

Sign the petition now to thank the advertisers who are standing up to Beck, and ask more to do the same.


Drew Hudson
TrueMajority / USAction

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